Having to explain..

I just got back from Detriot the other day.  I went to my cousin's wedding.  It was beautiful and I had a good time.  I have a crazy aunt that went with us and she got on my nerves horribly.  She over heard me telling my mom that I was ready to go back to the hotel room so I could take a bath.   My mom understood and said, "Okay.  We will be leaving in a minute."  My mom and sister were getting ready to go and she was still sitting there talking.  I was standing by the door waiting.  She said loudly in front of everyone, "What you in such a hurry to take a bath for?  You stink or something?"  I was horrified.  My mom burst in and said, "Her skin is bothering her."  I gave her an appreciative look but my aunt didn't get the hint.  She kept going on and on about what I needed to get in the shower so bad for till I just yelled out that I was leaking.  My sister was like, " Just leave her  alone and take her word for it.  Let's go! She knows what's going on with her body!"  She finally left me alone for the moment.  The trip would have been awesome if it weren't for her.  When that plane touched back down in Atlanta I wanted to kiss the ground.  I love my aunt but I wanted to hit her extremely hard right between her eyes.  Anyways, I have still had fun dispite her.  Hopefully I will be going back soon with no crazy aunt and no one saying embarrassing things about my HS or being made to be embarrased about it.



Hi Ebony
Its horrible having to explain HS
A few years ago I was at a social event and 2 people, one of whom is a family member and supposed to be close to me, started shouting \"ewww whats that smell\" I knew it wasnt me , there was no smell, believe me I have a finely tuned nose for any smells lol
I will never forget how low I felt but you have to rise above it darl
Glad you enjoyed the wedding anyway
Be well xxx