Having a Rough Day

Nothing in particular has brought on my mood today.  I did tell myself that I would try to look into further research for starting a Master's of Library Science program.  I was trying to find the link for the page that gives a list of partnering institutions that Virginia works with from other states to offer Virginia State Residences in-state tuition for different programs because there are no ALA accredited Master's programs all throughout the state of Virginia.
Well, I found the link, but started wondering shortly thereafter if this, again, is what I really want to do?  Am I just trying to avoid being in the working world for 2-3 years because the economy sucks so bad right now and I haven't been able to get a new job in the last 3 years?  Do I, with all my heart want to be a librarian, or some form migration of one?
I feel like both going to school or work is inherently interfering with my plan to just want to stay home and have kids.  I have this in my hopeful plans for the next couple of years. 
What do I really want to do is the question.
Several things:  I want my own restaurant/bakery/second-hand gear store.  Some kind of my own business.  Some kind of something that I can work with that I believe in and that matches up to my morals.
Today's reading was about learning to wait.  Guess I still have a lot to learn!



The time in life to obtain the ability for true independence is best gotten in your youth, if possible.

Nobody wants to hire a 35 year old who is finishing a degree they should have had 12 years earlier.

It\'s unfortunate that it\'s this way...but, it\'s reality.