Having a Hard Time Transitioning

 Ugh!  I am getting sooo frustrated.  Today is Wednesday.  Monday night I had a hard time sleeping. Tuesday morning (yesterday) I woke up feeling sooo very down.  I actually got weepy and had to leave the office for a while to gain control of myself.  By evening I was just a bit blue.  Last night, I woke up after about 3-1/2 hrs and couldn't get back to sleep. Yet, I got up feeling like I had slept all night, felt upbeat, happy, on top of the world, until about 7:00 am.  Then my emotions started to take a dive.  I don't understand what is happening except maybe the fact that I am weaning off of Paxil and onto Cymbalta.  My emotions are all over the place after not having much emotion for a few years on the Paxil.  I called in sick today thinking maybe I need a good cry.  I haven't had a really good cry in years, even when my daughter-in-law, who I love, and my sweet grandson were going through life threatening medical issues, I mentally hurt but my gut (emotion center?) was numb--I wanted to have a good cry and couldn't.  Maybe, my body & mind is trying to sort it all out and catch up?  Oh, I can't wait until Saturday when I'm totally on the one med, Cymbalta.  Maybe these mood swings will stop.  I don't think I have ever experienced this before and it's just a bit scary.