Having a good day, excited for Thanksgiving time, baking, cooking :)

Happy Thursday, and Happy Countdown to Thanksgiving! :) hi angel friends! :) is everyone gearing up, for Thanksgiving time? :) my family and i hope everyoen is enjoying a beautiful day :) Thank you for your amazing support, love, care, and encouragement :) i'm having a much better day today, and feel more in tune with the day : )Focused on positives, and most importantly, a calm focus, where i'm enjoying some relaxation today :) sunny nature walks, watching dvds, and also gearing up for our super fun, annual happy Thanksgiving themed baking friday adventure tomorrow :) The cookie monsters are uniting! :) We're going to be baking Pumpkin Pies, and also some nice decorative sugar cookies :) getting the kitchen cozy warm :) next week is Thanksgiving :) my mom and Lisa have began to stock up on some goods already, for the big week next week :) i'm going to be making my traditional stuffing, homemade stuffing, with sausage and cornbread :) We're gonna be going to my sister Jenn's home, for Thanksgiving dinner, and also having desserts here at home :) Enjoying a nice day, a much needed relaxing day, as we gear up, for a big weekend, shopping, and football games :) there's so much more to look forward too : )Tomorrow's baking friday! :) GOBBLE GOBBLE! :) calling all cookie monsters! :) it's almost time to bake! bake! bake! :)
Definitely a spirit bounce and pep in my step today! :) Hi angel friends! :) Thank you for comforting me, and uplifting my spirits yesterday :) i was feeling a bit flat spirited, and low energy. i am very thankful, to be feeling better, and having more of a normal, peacefully paced day today :) enjoying some simple joys, to help me get back to fully focused, and to get that spirit soaring excitement flowing within my heart again :) my family and i are counting down to Thanksgiving holiday :) only 1 week, until the big day :) Lots of preparations, leading up to Thanksgiving :) This upcoming weekend, will be a big weekend, for my family and i :) We're gonna be going shopping, for my mom's and niece Alyssa's birthday gifts, plus gifts for a friend's birthday :) my mom and Lisa have began to stock up on some goods, for the Thanksgiving holiday :) This year, we're having a nice Thanksgiving meal, at my sister Jenn's home :) She's really excited, about cooking for everyone, and we're also going to be bringing some nice foods over, for the dinner :) each year, since 2004, i have made a nice homemade stuffing, with sausage and cornbread :) it's really popular, at Thanksgiving time :) my mom wants me to bake 2 batchs/pan fulls of the stuffing :) i'm gonna be making it next wednesday, for the big day on thursday :) we love to have a special happy thanksgiving themed baking friday adventure, the friday before Thanksgiving each year :) it'll be our 7th, or 8th, Thanksgiving baking friday, we've had : )We're baking some pumpkin pies, and decorative sugar cookies tomorrow :) Kayla and Mikey are gonna be joining in on the baking friday fun, and Taylynn, and my mom may help bake too :) it's gonna be awesome! :) We're looking forward to celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with you and your family's :) as we all prepare for the big week next week, we'll be close within our hearts, and with eachother in spirit :)
HAPPY THANKSGIVING WISHES, SENT WITH LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE, FROM VIRGINIA! :) awww! :) my family and i would love to take this time, to share with everyone, about some very special Happy thanksgiving wishes, and treasures we recieved, from our dear, and lovely friends, Judy (Ladybug7), Denny, their new cat Picasso, and their family :) This is so nice, and sweet of them :) We love Thanksgiving time, and celebrating with everyone :) the warmth, and joy this special time of the month of November brings, is very special, and sweet :) my family and i love our sweet, Peanuts Characters themed happy Thanksgiving card, that Judy, Denny, and family sent us :) There's a cute scene on the front, with peanuts characters sharing pumpkin pie, and bread rolls :) inside the card, Judy wrote us a lovely note, wishing my family and i a happy Thanksgiving :) awww! :) i'm going to put our lovely card, here in my writing area :) We're very blessed, and thankful to have you all in our lives :) Judy, Denny, and family also sent us, 2 nice sheets, of peanuts characters Thanksgiving stickers :) We love stickers, and are going to share them :) These are very sweet gifts, and treasures :) We love them, and will forever cherish them :) Judy, Denny, Picasso, family, my family and i thank you all so very much! :) We deeply appreciate your kindness, and generousity, with all of the love of our hearts :) Sending lots and lots of love, heart-felt hugs, and our warmest well wishes with smiles across the miles, from our hearts, and home to yours :) Happy Thanksgiving time :)
We hope everyone is keeping warm. We saw on the news, about that massive snowstorm, that impacted the Buffalo, New York area. wow! absolutely incredible, how much snow they recieved, in such a short amount of time. it's got us thinking about winter, and how the season is approaching. i've been extending my early morning nature walks, during sunrise, i bundle up nicely, and love to see those early sights of the nature mornings, with the birds, and squirrels visiting :) i'm really happy, that everyone's been enjoying viewing my new nature pictures :) i love taking the pictures to share, and being able to bring you all right there with me in spirit during my writings :) the nature is turning wintery out there, and soon we'll have those snowfalls, winter wonderland sights :) this morning, i put lots of goodies, all around our yard, for our wonderful nature animal friends :) i love to see them, and knowing we're helping them, to be able to keep nourished, and stocking up on lots of goodies, for their nests, is a very wholesome and heart warming feeling of joy :) The sky looked very beautiful this morning, i took some sweet pictures of the sky :) There was a bluejay, in our pear tree, and it was sitting on one of the branches, i was able to take a picture of the nature sight :)
With it being a sweet relaxing day, focused in, on some great times coming up, i've been reflecting back upon the week, and so excited, about some awesome things :) We mailed many nice cards yesterday, and a treasure :) i'm really happy and thrilled, about these very special deliveries arriving to friends soon :) i'm also gearing up, for some more writings, very soon :) cards, notes, and letters :) here in my computer room today, while i've been in here, i've had my tea light candle lit, with nice pumpkin spiced candle scent, and have been watching some dvds :) i've been re-watching the 1st season, of the walking dead show :) our dear friend Holly and i are big fans of the show, and are looking forward to the upcoming 2 weeks of season 5. :) i mentioned to Holly, about how i'd love to buy the new Ninja Turtles movie for her and i, in December (it comes out, December 16th) :) we've been talking about how we'd love to watch the movie :) i'm gonna buy one of the dvds for Holly at walmart, and i'm gonna order my dvd at the toys r us website, with my gift card i won the other day, on the coupons.com instant win game :) We really want to watch that new ninja turtles movie, on new years eve in december :) it'll be awesome! :)
We're enjoying a nice thursday :) my family and i are doing well, and are in good spirits :) today for lunch, i enjoyed 2 baked salsa tortilla wraps, and also had a baked sweet potato :) lunch was delicious! :) it warmed up a bit outside here today, i put extra goodies outside during late morning, for the birds and squirrels :) my mom and i have been hanging out today :) i've also been enjoying some nice time here on ds, writing to friends :) i'm continuing to get back into a nice grove, with the days, and replenishing my energy, rejuvenating my spirits :) Tomorrow's baking friday :) We're looking forward to baking goodies :) We love sharing our adventures with everyone :) tonight, i'm gonna watch some tv, having some healthy snacks :) my family and i thank you all so very much, for all that you do for us :) You all are very nice, and sweet :) We deeply appreciate your kindness, and generousity, with all of the love of our hearts :) BIG GROUP SUNSHINE HUGS :) There's many more wonderful times to look forward too :)
-never lose hope :)
To Wildthing, Peaceful Gentle Moments of the day :) Wildthing, i enjoyed some awesome nature walks today, and also enjoying some more resting time, gearing up for a fun baking friday adventure tomorrow :) Thinking of you, our dear friend :)
my mom says hi :) She says, "i hope everyone is having a nice day" :) awww! :) We love you all very much, our sweet dear friends :) We hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a great day :) We look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with everyone :)
Happy Thanksgiving wishes, sent with lots and lots of love, from Virginia! :) awww! :) a sweet, and joyful treasure, from our dear, and lovely friends, Judy (Ladybug7), Denny, Picasso, and their family :) They sent us a cute, and adorable, peanuts themed Happy thanksgiving card, and peanuts themed characters stickers :) This is so nice, and sweet of them :) We love these wonderful gifts, and will forever cherish them :) You all always warm our hearts, and touch our hearts, in many special ways :) Judy, Denny, Picasso, family, my family and i thank you all so very much! :) We deeply appreciate everything, with all of the love of our hearts :)
Glowing Nature! :) this morning, i spotted a happy bluejay, in our pear tree, and also the sky was glowing beautifully :) i had 2 really nice nature walks today :) walking around, feeding our nature animal friends, and also the nice walks, are geat exercise :) it's a really sweet time of the year, to enjoy nature :) i've been seeing lots of birds, and squirrels gathering goodies, stocking up their nests :) wholesome nature, shining beautifully :)



Hi Chris Glad you and your family had a nice relaxing day.Happy to hear you have lots of nice things to look forward to Great that your sister Jenn is having the family over for Thanksgiving Good for her. I enjoy your nature photos Love the sky pictures and the blue jays and of course your snoopy card an stickers very cute and nice of your friend to send it to you.Thanks for all my nice hugs today.Have a good evening hugs to all there-Stephanie

Gorgeous sky photo\'s Chris. Your baking Friday plans sound Good and will be a nice treat before Thanksgiving. I know you and your family will enjoy being together and celebrating. Had Pappa Murphy\'s pizza for dinner and watched the Raiders beat KC!! Say Hello to everyone for me and wishing you a good nights sleeps my friend. Love/Hugs/Blessings

I agree...excellent sky photo\'s Chris. I love how much you make every holiday so special and how you look forward to them. (Halloween was a good one!)

I\'m looking forward to Christmas...you always make that extra special.

Thank you for your Journals and making us happy. You are a wonderful friend Chris, I hope you know that! You are my brother...thank you.

Your DS Brother,
Joey :)