Havent been here for a while

I know I haven't been here for a while. I have needed to get my thoughts in order. I have come to accept things happen, and we can't stop them. So now more than ever, I'm thinking about me. What I want, need.
I need to move on with my life. I have been working in that shop far too long and it's eating away at my soul. The only thing keeping me there is debt, but luckily, by october this year it will be all paid off and I'm free to put money away and get outta there. I have mentioned I joined avon and started making jewellery, I'm going to focus on those two things, Maybe apply to be a team leader for avon and start a beauty course and make people beautiful for a living, and get my jewellery up to standard and sell them. There are absolutely no jobs around here but I will not let that stop me leaving the shop and making my own living, after having put money away to fall back on. There will be more time for me and I can really focus on my spirituality and wellbeing and eventually happiness.
I have also started working on my body again. In adition to yoga I ordered two of the Jillian Michaels dvds they came today and she is brutal. The dvd kicked my ass. But 40 minutes of circuit training is no joke.
Another thing I will focus on is my writing, I have put my notebooks away for far too long, and have now eventually sorted all my notes and stories and organised them for easy access. And for men, if he's not with me on this, I WILL leave him behind. From today my life is about me and how I want to live it.