Have to give up for now

Well, I talked to him again last Tuesday for about 2.5 hours texting.  It was a good talk but he is still in love with her.  He had kicked her out but then let her back cause she "didn't have anywhere to go".  Likely excuse.  She could have gone to Lynette's or back home.  Now they are back together again and talking marriage.  WTF!!!  He told me he never wanted to get married again. Why now?  Figured that he just likes the 3-ways he has with Rayna and Lynette too much to give it up.  He hasn't tried to contact me this week.  I'm getting to the point where i am over this shit!!  I have to give up on it and put my feelings for him on a shelve and forget it all.  Not answer his texts or calls or even answer any from Doug.  I have to get back to me and my surroundings.  I have alot to do at home that has been neglected.  I can't sit and wait for the next argument to happen between them and think he will come running back to me.  it's not doing me any good.  I just need to steer clear of him for good now.  What hurts the most out of it all is not being able to see the kids.  It's better for them though so they dont get confused.  Poor babies- I miss the HELL out of them and want to take them away from all this bullshit and love them on my own.  Not going to happen though.