Harness the Wild

Free and wild the young colt gallops across the meadow. Her mane trailing behind the nap of her neck as she creates the gust of wind. Glorious is the life she lives. Wild and free, chasing her dreams, chasing the unknown: just because it feels right. Her body strong and young, a sight to behold. She runs: legs lifting off the ground as if she never touched it. The sounds of her lustrous cries of joy fill the landscape. She slows her stride, only because she wants to. Her will to do what she wants is so natural without any thoughts of reasoning. Eating from green pastures and drinking from cold creeks, this land so untouched by man; she is so untouched as well. This life never last. This life is bliss. This life she only remembers. Taken from her is the freedom she once had, man comes to tame her. Ropes her down and ride her until she breaks. She fights with a wild spirit, bucking, moving from side to side, and trying to get the heavy weight off her back. Piercing spurs jab at her side; whips sting her back, harsh yells from a stranger she is so afraid of. A life she is afraid of. She cries out as she is being pulled but, no one listens to the cries. She gives up; she accepts the heaviness that is on top of her. She stops struggling, she stops crying, her soul has been shattered and so she becomes calm.  The man will take care of her well. She is his prize. She will be feed, she will be groomed, and at times she will be ridden. But, this lonely cold new World she lives in; a stall, a few acres to roam, is like a prison from what she once had. He will put blinders on her so that her eyes will not wonder. He wants to keep her calm and focused, not wild and longing. So, if you see this beauty and look into her eyes, you will see mans reflection not the spirit that once lived inside.