Happy with my Nieces

I am happy with my nieces.  They are so innocent and don't know of the evils of this world.  I love them to death and would be willing to die for them and probably would if I could get out of this world that much sooner.  Oh that I could leave.  Buyt I'm here, and things just keep getting crazier every day with all this so called technology to make our lives easier, what a crock that is.  Anyway trying to stay positive I bought them a water hop scotch thing yesterday and they enjoyed that.  It was nice to see someone else genuinely happy, for I feel few adults can claim that.  If I could stupidly and blissfully make my way through this world like most do maybe I would be happy.  No thoughts about anything other than my own welfare.  Hrrm, maybe that's how it's supposed to be lived.