Happy sweet treats tuesday! :) treats, spirit writing, and sunny nature thoughts :)

Happy sweet treats tuesday!!! :) Blueberry iced coffee cheers!!! :) We're enjoying a super sweet day! :) it's a day of treats, writing, and continuing to blossom into some awesome weekly routines :) my mom, Lisa, Alyssa, and i enjoyed going over to dunkin donuts, and mcdonalds :) we got some nice treats! :) i used my dunkins gift card, and earned enough points now, to get a free large iced coffee, the next time we go to dunkins :) sweet!!! :) i got a nice blueberry iced coffee, and a breakfast burrito today :) my favorites! :) it's so nice, and a great joy, feeling much better, and i've got my writing area all set up and decorated, glowing with lots of friendship spirit :) i'm writing some cards, and i've also put together a treasures package :) Gearing up, for our spirit soaring, super wednesday post office adventure :) it's very wild weather here, we got a nor'easter rain/windstorm. We're keeping warm :) i did put some bird seeds and breads outside on the feeders this morning :) it's a good day to keep warm indoors :) i've been writing, put some tv on, and also tonight Holly and i are gonna watch a movie on youtube :) i'm feeling energized, and very spirited :) 12 more days until Superbowl 51! :) We're gonna have such a fun superbowl week, and party on superbowl sunday! :) we can't wait! :) February is coming! :) i'm gonna decorate my writing area next week, for Valentine's day theme :) Thank you angel friends, for blossoming sunshine and wonderful warmth into our hearts, each and every day :) we love you! :) Tomorrow's super wednesday! :) post office adventure, and the ghost hunters party is on! : )Whooooooo!!!!! :)

Hi angel friends! :) Warm cozy friendship hugs, on this sweet peaceful day :) my family and i hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a great day! :) We're keeping warm here, we got a nor'easter storm here. it got blusterly windy and cold last night, and rained very hard. usually nor'easter storms bring lots of snowfall, but it's a bit warmer in our area, but the winds and rain feel very cold. we're hoping for a day full of sunshine tomorrow :) i can't wait to blossom into some nature walks, and going to take some sweet new pictures to share with everyone :) even though the weather outside today is wild, we're still enjoying the day to the fullest :) i'm sipping a blueberry iced coffee, it's one of our favorite days and traditions of the week, sweet treats tuesday! :)

This morning, my mom, Lisa, Alyssa, and i enjoyed a nice time going to mcdonalds and dunkin donuts to get some treats :) We always wish you all could go with us :) At dunkin donuts, i used my gift card, i got a blueberry iced coffee :) each time i use my gift card, i earn points, and once i reach 200 points, i can get a free large beverage, iced coffee or tea :) on my receipt, it says i reached 200, and next coffee, is free! :) Sweet!!! :) i love the dunkin donuts perks club :) Alyssa got a nice iced latte :) at mcdonalds, my mom, Lisa, and i also got some treats, i got a breakfast burrito with some picante sauce :) We enjoyed a really nice going out to get treats :) we love looking forward to sweet treas tuesday :) i've been enjoying my iced coffee, CHEERS! :)

Here in my computer room, i've been doing some great organizing to begin the new week :) it's looking nicely :) i organized my treasures shelves, collectibles, and i also added some more of our lovely cards, to my writing area :) i'm so happy and excited! :) i wrote some cards today, and also put together a treasures package for our dear friend Sharon (Silvershadow) :) her birthday is coming up :) my mom and i are looking forward to going to the post office tomorrow :) it's gonna be a spirit soaring adventure, as we have some nice sunshine in our forecast tomorrow :) i looking forward to mailing cards, treasures, and continuing to write as the week goes on :) i rested lots last week, as i was getting cold, and really missed my writing time, but i'm so glad and thankful to be feeling much better, and blossoming back into my weekly routines, especially writing :) i've got lots of good energy, which feels really nice :)

i've been spending time here on DS, writing to friends, enjoying some phone calls too, and i also been browsing around on ebay and amazon :) there's some cool "the nightmare before christmas" funko mystery minis collectibles :) i've been checking the prices on some :) i'd love to buy some of the collectibles sometime :) they're fun to collect :) i've got over 50 mystery minis, with my TWD collectibles and horror classics collectibles :) i look forward to collecting lots more :) i've been earning online, doing some surveys, points sites, and keeping busy each day :) Holly and i are gonna watch a comedy movie on youtube tonight :) We love youtube :) We watch a lot of adventure/exploring videos on there, and TWD themed videos too :)

We're enjoying a super sweet day! :) my family and i are doing well, and are in great spirits :) there's lots of great things going on, to begin the new week :) it was so nice, going out to get some treats, and blossoming into some writings today here in my writing area :) i'm getting back into the swing of things, and weekly routines :) Today for lunch, i enjoyed some nice soup, and a salad :) lunch was delicious! :) i've been enjoying some nice time online, writing to friends :) i also put together a treasures package to mail tomorrow :) tomorrow's super wednesday! :) We're looking forward to going to the post office :) Holly and i are also looking forward to our ghost hunters party :) Thank you angel friends, so very much for all that you do for us :) You all are wonderfully nice, sweet, and very caring :) We deeply appreciate everything, with all of the love of our hearts :) BIG GROUP WARM FRIENDSHIP HUG :) There's many more awesome times to look forward too, with family, friends, and nature :)

-never lose hope :)

To Wildthing, Peaceful Gentle Moments of the day :) Wildthing, it's a nice day, we enjoyed going out to get some treats :) writing some cards, and excited to go to the post office :) thinking of you, our dear friend :)

my mom says hi :) She says, "i hope everyone had a nice day" :) awww! :) We love you all bunches and bunches, our sweet dear wonderful guardian angel friends :) We think of you all often :) We hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a peaceful day :) Thank you for brightening our days :) You all warm our hearts, and bring us lots of great joy, happiness, and peace :)

My Writing Area! :) i'm blossoming into some wonderful writing time :) i love it!!! :) i'm so very happy, excited, and thrilled! :) i've got my writing area all set up and decorated :) i'm feeling great, and enjoying some really nice writing time :) i'm writing cards, and put together a treasures package :) i love my writing area :) it's a very special dedication, to my wonderful family and friends :) You all inspire me to enjoy each day to the fullest :) We're looking forward to our super fun, and spirit soaring, super wednesday post office adventure :) Sending lots and lots of love, and happy friendship smiles across the miles, from our hearts and home to yours :)









happy sweet treats tuesday! :) we enjoyed a nice time going out to get treats :) cheers! to family, friends, to sweet treats tuesday, and to enjoying the wonderful simple joys in life :)




Hey Chris,

I recently got a wireless keyboard for my kindle from the $5 store and it works great. I can never get the keyboard on these tablets or phone to work well, so this keyboard is helping. I am glad you had a great day and had dunkin donuts. I stopped at DD before I went to work. got a hot chocolate and a glazed donut. I got a Chinese New Year card from a friend. I will take a pic of it

Hi Chris Glad you and your family are having a nice day and you enjoyed getting treats.That's great you earned a free coffee next time.Very rainy and cold here as well. I will be happy to see the sunshine tomorrow.Your writing area is looking super as always. I see some collectible cars there in the photos a VW bug and another car. Glad your energy is back and you're enjoying your week. Thanks for all my nice hugs today Have a good evening Hugs to all_Stephanie

Your writing area looks beautiful Chris! I see the DD coffee cup! LOL. If you're gonna do all this writing, you have to stay awake Right? Right!

We're having bad weather in Jersey too. Should stop tomorrow, they say! Let's just hang in there! Winter is half over! ♡♡

stay warm dear family. stay safe too! i always wish i could go with you everywhere:) i keep you all in my heart and in my prayers always:) we are having one day of spring here! i can't decide what to do outside first!