Happy sweet treats tuesday! :) november treats, cool writings, Thanksgiving time coming :)

Happy sweet treats tuesday!!! :)Blueberry iced coffee CHEERS!!! :) We're enjoying a super sweet day! :) it's a day of treats, writings, and wholesome heart warming feelings of joy, as we get ready for a wonderful upcoming Thanksgiving week :) my mom, Lisa, and i enjoyed an awesome time going out to get treats this morning :) we went to mcdonalds and dunkins :) i got a breakfast burrito, and also made a blueberry iced coffee :) We love this special tradition :) We had some heavy rain in our area this morning. We also have snow in our forecast, for thursday! wow!!! they're currently calling for 1 to 4 inches of snowfall! winter is definitely on it's way! We're looking forward to all of the upcoming times, with Thanksgiving holiday next week, sharing in, and celebrating with everyone :) There's lots of great things going on :) i've got my writing area all set up, and decorated :) i'm loving my writing area, and writing cards, notes, and letters :) i'm so happy, and excited! :) i put together a goodies/treasures package too :) my mom and i are looking forward, to our super fun and sweet November spirit soaring, post office adventure tomorrow :) Holly and i enjoyed the new episode of TWD show :) we're so into the season, and can't wait until more episodes :) we'd love to get some TWD trading cards soon :) Thank you angel friends, so very much, for all that you do for us :) You all warm our hearts, and brighten our days :) double cheers!!! on this super sweet day, with family and friends :) Tomorrow's super wednesday! :) Post office Adventure, and the Ghost hunters Party is on!! :) Whooooooooooooo!!!!!! :)

Hi angel friends! :) Big warm happy friendship hugs, on this super sweet day :) Thanksgiving week is coming up soon! :) my family, Holly, and i hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a nice peaceful day :) We're so excited, for the awesome joys of November, as Thanksgiving season is beginning to arrive :) lots of plans, preparations, for all of the traditions, and wholesome heart warming times being shared :) i've got my writing area all set up and glowing with the spirit of Thanksgiving time :) we had some heavy rain in our area this morning, and we have snowfall in our forecast on thursday. wow! :) they're calling for about 1 to 4 inches of snowfall here. it's gonna look wintery outside. it's that time of the year :) i'll take pictures on thursday, of the snowfall :) We're enjoying the day, keeping warm, and looking forward to Thanksgiving time :) We've got some very special deliveries to mail tomorrow :)

It's one of our favorite days, and traditions, sweet treats tuesday :) We love going out to get some nice treats :) i made a blueberry iced coffee this morning, i had some leftover, from yesterday, in the fridge :) my mom, Lisa, and i enjoyed a nice car ride over to dunkins, and mcdonalds :) We love getting oru favorite treats :) my mom got a breakfast sandwich, Lisa got an iced coffee, and i got a breakfast burrito :) Cheers! :) we've been enjoying our treats :) We always wish you all could go with us to get treats :) i've been sipping my iced coffee :) we had some heavy rains in our area until about mid-day. i put treats outside when the rain cleared up. our nature friends lots to gather treats :)

It's a sweet day for some writings :) i'm loving my writing times, and so happy and excited, to be having such an awesome writing week here in my Thanksgiving themed writing area :) i'm so proud! :) i love my writing area, and having writing times like this :) We've got lots of special deliverie to mail tomorrow : )cards, notes, letters, and a goodies/treasures package :) it's gonna be a spirit soaring, awesome post office adventure :) it's gonna be so nice :) We have Thanksgiving week coming up :) we're all looking forward to all of the festivities, and traditions :) i've been enjoying my Thanksgiving themed writing area, decorations :) it looks warm, and cozy :) i took some new pictures of my writing area today, to share with everyone :) i'm also looking forward to taking some more nature pictures soon :)

i've been enjoying some nice time, with family, Holly, friends, DS time :) i've also been checking out some cool collectibles and gift ideas on amazon, and ebay :) my mom and Alyssa have birthday's coming up later on this month :) We look forward to celebrating with everyone :) it's gonna be awesome :) i've been checking out some collectibles too, funkos, TWD trading cards, and dvds :) Holly and i want to collect some more TWD cards soon :) it's fun opening the boxes together :) We're looking forward to the season 8 trading cards :) i've been continuing to organize, and tidy up my computer room too :) i have 4 nice lamps here in my computer room, to brighten up my room, especially this time of the year, with the daylight less, and spending a good amount of time here in my computer room :) i love seeing all of our beautiful cards, and treasures :)

We're enjoying a super sweet day! :) my family and i are doing well, and are in great spirits :) We're enjoying the month of November :) it was so nice, going out to get treats today :) Today for lunch, i enjoyed some coleslaw tortilla wraps :) lunch was delicious! :) i've been finishing up a great writing week, and putting finishing touches on preparations for our post office adventure tomorrow :) it's going to be so much fun, going to the post office :) spirit soaring excitement, as Thanksgiving week is coming up soon :) Holly and i enjoyed watching the new episode of TWD show last night :) We're loving the 9th season of the show, and can't wait until the next episodes :) Tonight, we're going to watch the sopranos show :) Tomorrow's super wednesday! :) we're looking forward to going to the post office, and Holly and i are looking forward to our ghost hunters party :) Thank you angel friends, so very much, for all that you do for us :) You all are wonderfully nice, sweet, and very caring :) We deeply appreciate everything, with all of the love of our hearts :) big group warm caring happy friendship hug :) There's many more wonderful times, and great things to look forward too, with family, friends, nature, and the beautiful spirit of the season :)

-never lose hope :)

To Wildthing, Peaceful Gentle Moments of the day :) Wildthing, it's a great day, we enjoyed going out to get treats, and doing some writing : )We're so happy and excited for the upcoming Thanksgiving season :) Thinking of you, our dear friend :)

my mom says hello :) She says, "i hope everyone is having a really nice day" :) awww! :) We love you all lots and l ots, our sweet dear angel friends :) We hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a nice peaceful day :) We think of you and your family's often :) We're so happy, and excited to celebrate the Thanksgiving week with everyone :) Lots of traditions, festivities, cooking, and baking :) it's gonna be so nice :)

My Thanksgiving Writing Area! :) a special greetings, from my writing area :) it's glowing with the spirit of Thanksgiving time :) i love my writing area :) it's a very special dedication to my family and friends :) You all inspire me, to enjoy each day to the fullest :) i'm smiling and smiling! :) i'm enjoying an awesome writing week, writing cards, notes, letters, and putting a treasures package :) i'm so happy, excited, and thrilled about our super fun, and sweet spirit soaring, post office adventure tomorrow :) Sending lots and lots of love, and happy friendship smiles across the miles, from our hearts and home to yours :)









Happy sweet treats tuesday! :) We enjoyed a great time going out to get treats this morning :) it's sweet classic, and November :) We love this special tradition in our lives :) Cheers! to family, friends, to sweet treats tuesday, to golden November times, and to enjoying the wonderful simple joys in life :)




Hi Chris Glad you and your family are having a nice day and enjoyed getting treats. We had some rain here today too and may have some snow later this week. It looks like it could be 1 to 2 inches here maybe a bit more. Your writing area looks very festive for Thanksgiving I love the tissue paper turkey. My mom would decorate with those kind of decorations when my sister's and I were small. I always liked them. I see my cardinal friends and a snoopy too. Thanks for all my nice hugs today Enjoy a good evening hugs to everyone-Stephanie

love your holiday decorations:) i can't believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner!!!