Happy sweet treats tuesday! :) a wonderful visit with Grandma :) Thanksgiving Time :)

Happy sweet treats tuesday!!! :) A DOUBLE SWEET DAY, with a wonderful visit with my Grandma! :) my Grandma wishes everyone, a happy Thanksgiving :) Awww! :) We're enjoying a great day! :) Today, my mom, dad, and i, and my sister Jenn, Mike, and Mikey, enjoyed a nice visit with my grandma :) We gave my grandma a nice hug, and she was so happy to greet us :) She put together a wonderful happy birthday table for my mom, with a surprise birthday cake! :) Awww! :) this is a very special tradition :) We enjoyed a nice time visiting :) my grandma gave my mom, a nice happy birthday cake, a necklace with her name on it, plus she gave my mom a nice sweatshirt, and a birthday card with a walmart gift card :) She gave my niece Alyssa a birthday card, and a gift card too : )Awww! :) we gave my grandma a nice pumpkin pie, a new movie, Thanksgiving card, and some daily number lottery tickets :) my grandma is very happy :) She's excited about Thanksgiving, and watching her new movie :) my grandma gave me a nice Happy Thanksgiving card, a beautiful autumn notepad, and a wonderful 2014 Calendar, with many nice scenes : )Awww! :) This is so nice, and sweet of her :) i gave my grandma a hug for everyone, and wished her a happy Thanksgiving :) it was so nice visiting :) my grandma gave Jenn, Mike, and Mikey, a nice happy thanksgiving card, and a tin of cookies :) Mikey opened up the cookies, he was having a cookie! :) lots of very special memories being made :) my grandma is planning a special holiday Christmas get together for us all, with foods, snacks, and drinks, in December :) This is a super sweet day! :) my mom, Lisa, and i enjoyed a nice time getting some treats at mcdonalds this morning :) i'm also putting together treasures packages :) We're gearing up, for a super fun, and super sweet, COOKING super wednesday! :) along with going to the post office tomorrow, i'm going to be making a double batch of homemade stuffing with sausage and cornbread :) yum! :) We're getting ready for Thanksgiving! :) There's lots to look forward too :) i've been thinking of you all often today, and so happy to share in, and celebrate, joyful days, and times like this. :) Happy Thanksgiving smiles, and many warm cozy friendship hugs, from our home to yours :)
VISIT WITH GRANDMA! :) SWEET TREATS TUESDAY! :) AND GEARING UP FOR A COOKING WEDNESDAY!!! :) my family and i hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a great tuesday! :) i've been thinking of you all, and you all are with us in spirit, during very special times like this :) Today, we enjoyed a wonderful visit with my grandma :) my grandma is doing great, and she's so happy, and excited about the Thanksgiving holiday, and approaching Christmas season :) my grandma has her wonderful autumn Thanksgiving wreathe up, and is ready for a nice Thanksgiving holiday :) We sure do love these very special times, and spirit soaring days like today :) We love our annual Thanksgiving/Mom's Birthday week visit with my grandma :) Each year, my grandma puts together a very special visit, for my mom :) She loves to help make my mom's birthday, extra special :)
This morning, we were getting ready for our visit to Grandma's house :) my grandma had some sweet surprises for my mom :) Around mid-morning, we were all set, and ready. :) We began our journey to my grandma's house :) my sister Jenn, Mike, and Mikey went too! :) They took their car, and went early, and met us there :) my mom, dad, and i enjoyed a nice car ride to my grandma's :) We took the nice scenic backroads route to visit my grandma :) We drove past the peaceful pond, and through montville, ct :) We love that route, it's cozy, enjoyable, and makes us think of Grandma :) We were enjoying our car ride, and began to see some Christmas decorations being put up :) it's that time of the year, Christmas wreathes, and lights being put up :) It's a big week this week, with Thanksgiving holiday :) Lots of people traveling, shopping, preparing for the wonderful times, with family and friends :)
We arrived at grandma's house. :) She greeted us with a smile :) We noticed my grandma has her beautiful autumn Thanksgiving wreathe on her front door, and also some of her cats she takes care of, were there to greet us. :) awww! :) this was so sweet :) we put the cats, and my grandma welcomed us in, with a nice hug, and a kiss on our cheeks! :) Awww! :) This is awesome! :) we love visiting with grandma :) my sister Jenn, Mike, and Mikey had arrived a little earlier, and greeted us too :) We noticed my grandma had set up, a wonderful table for my mom :) a birthday table! :) i know my mom got this sweet idea, and wholesome tradition, from my grandma :) my grandma said, "Surprise! i got you a cake!" :) Awww! :)
It's a beautiful birthday cake, with roses design :) my mom was smiling :) Mikey said, "i like cake" :) Awww! :) we were all gathered around, enjoying a nice visit :) my grandma is doing really well, and she loves the holidays, her favorite! :) my grandma gave my mom her presents :) along with her nice birthday cake, my grandma gave my mom a beautiful necklace, that has her name on it :) She also gave my mom a nice warm sweatshirt, for winter time, and also gave her a nice happy birthday cake, daily number lottery tickets, and a nice walmart gift card :) my mom is so happy, and excited! :) my mom gave grandma a nice hug :) awww! :) i wished my grandma a nice happy thanksgiving from everyone :) i love to share wishes with her, from you all :) my grandma asks about you all, when we visit :) She knows we have many wonderful friends, all around the world :) You all are with us in spirit, during these very special, and joyful times :)
my grandma had a nice envelope with a gift card, for my niece Alyssa, and also had some sweet surprises for us all! :) my grandma is so nice, and sweet :) my grandma gave Jenn, Mike, and Mikey, a nice happy thanksgiving card, and a tin of butter cookies :) Mikey opened up the cookies, and enjoyed a cookie :) he was so happy. :) my grandma gave me, a nice happy thanksgiving card, an autumn scenes themed notepad, and she also gave me a nice 2014 calendar :) awww! :)the calendar has many beautiful scenes :) i was looking through the calendar, and enjoying seeing all of the nice scenes :) inside my Thanksgiving card, my grandma wrote me a lovely note, wishing me a happy Thanksgiving :) awww! :) we thanked my grandma :) We were all having a nice visit :) my grandma mentioned about Thanksgiving, and how she's looking forward to the holidays too, and is planning a nice holiday Christmas gathering for us, with foods, snacks, and drinks, in December :) it's gonna be so nice :)
We brought my grandma some nice treats too! :) we gave my grandma, a nice happy Thanksgiving card, a pumpkin pie, 2 movies, and a nice daily number lottery ticket :) my grandma loves her movies, she watches classic movies, and also loves the daily number too :) we were enjoying such a nice visit, and we love and cherish these times, so very much, with lots of great memories being made :) it was so nice visiting with my grandma today :) We thanked her again, for the wonderful gifts, and treasures she gave us :) She's so nice, and sweet :) She wishes everyone a happy thanksgiving :) We told my grandma we'll be visiting with her again, very soon :) We shared lots of smiles today, which is a very special joy :) my grandma gave us another hug, and a kiss on our cheeks, before we began our journey home :) awww! :) we wished my grandma a happy Thanksgiving, and waved to her :) We look forward to visiting with her again, very soon :)
We're enjoying a great day! :) visiting with grandma, and also sweet treats tuesday :) this morning, my mom, Lisa, and i enjoyed going to mcdonalds to get some treats :) it's a sweet tradition we look forward too :) i got a breakfast burrito, and a caramel iced coffee :) CHEERS!!! :) it was so nice getting some treats :) we're keeping a close eye on the weather, as there's a huge storm system coming up the east coast, that is gonna bring lots of rain, and heavy winds tonight into tomorrow. we're keeping everyone in our thoughts, and prayers, wishing everyone safety, and comfort, and hoping and praying the weather isn't severe. we're gonna check our local news this evening, to see when the storm system will be moving into our area. they say, the winds could be over 50mph wind gusts, and almost 5 inches of rain. that's a big storm, and they said, if it stayed cold, it would have been a massively huge snowstorm. we'll definitely be monitoring the weather, and hoping for everyone to be ok, and safe from the severe weather.
Tomorrow is super wednesday, cooking day! :) i'm going to be cooking homemade stuffing, with sausage and cornbread :) i'm making a double batch of the stuffing this year :) my mom and dad went to the stores this afternoon to pick up some more supplies, for the Thanksgiving meal we're gonna make :) tomorrow, i'll be sharing all about my cooking adventure in the kitchen, and will take pictures to share :) it's gonna be awesome cooking the stuffing :) we love the stuffing, and we look forward to it each year :) it's one of our favorite foods :) Tomorrow morning, we're gonna squeeze in a post office adventure tomorrow. we've got 2 treasures packages to mail :) We want to get the packages mailed out, before Thanksgiving holiday :) Tonight, i'm gonna get a good night's rest, for the big day tomorrow :) This afternoon, i enjoyed some nice quality time here on ds, writing to friends :) it's a really nice day :) i'm continuing to get my computer room organized, and situated, for when i bring out my Christmas boxes, decorations :) We're so very happy, thankful, and blessed, to have you all in our lives :) You all are very special friends, and bring us lots of joy, happiness, peace, and excitement :) Thank you all so very much, for all that you do for us:) We deeply appreciate everything, with all of our hearts :) BIG GROUP COZY WARM FRIENDSHIP HUG :) There's many more wonderful things, and joyful times to look forward too :)
-never lose hope :)
To Wildthing, Peaceful Gentle Moments of the day :) Wildthing, we enjoyed a nice visit with Grandma today :) Thanksgiving week, with birthday's, many wholesome times, with family and friends :) Thinking of you, our dear friend :)
my mom says hi :) She says, "i hope everyone is having a good day" :)awww! :) We love you all lots and lots, our dear friends :) We hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a great day :) we hope everyone has many wonderful joys, of a happy, blessed Thanksgiving holiday :)
A WONDERFUL VISIT WITH GRANDMA! :) we had a wonderful time visiting with my grandma today :) my grandma wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving :) She's doing well, and enjoying the countdown to the holidays :) my grandma set up, and decorated a beautiful birthday table, for my mom :) Awww! :) my grandma loves to help make my mom's birthday very special each year :) This is a picture of my mom's birthday table :) Wonderful times shared, and many special memories being made :)
my mom's birthday cake, from my grandma! :) awww! :) this is so nice, and sweet of my grandma :) my grandma got this awesome and beautiful roses themed cake, for my mom, for her birthday : )We're going to have some birthday cake on thursday :)
my grandma's autumn Thanksgiving wreathe :) my grandma has this awesome wreathe, on her door :) She loves the seasons, and holidays :) She's very happy, enjoying the seasons :) her wreathe, has mum's flowers, and autumn leaves decoratives :)
Wonderful Happy Thanksgiving card, from my lovely grandma :) my grandma gave me this nice happy Thanksgiving card :) Awww! :) this is so nice, and sweet of her :) i love my card, it's very nice :) my grandma also gave me a nice autumn themed notepad :) Thank you grandma, so very much! :) i will always love, cherish, and treasure, these very special gifts, and treasures :)
my grandma gave me a beautiful 2014 Calendar, with many nice festive scenes :) this is awesome! :) i look forward to putting my calendar on my wall, here in my computer room :) i took some pictures, of some of the lovely scenes in my calendar :)

Happy sweet treats tuesday! :) We had a nice time getting treats this morning at mcdonalds :) CHEERS!!! to family, friends, traditions, and to sweet treats tuesday! :) 



Hi Chris Glad you had a nice day and a wonderful visit with your grandma. So glad she is doing well.Your mom\'s birthday cake is very nice. My cousin and I didn\'t shop today. We will be gong Monday afternoon. It really looked as if it was going to snow here all day and I knew the store would be very busy because of the storm and Thanksgiving. I enjoyed seeing your nice cards and your calendar too. Thanks for all my great hugs today. Have a good night. hugs to all there-Stephanie

Sounds like you had a very lovely day with Grandma, Chris!!! Always so nice to go visiting at holiday time and share lots of smiles and love!!! Sweet Treat Tuesday is a great day to visit with the entire family (it sounds like) so that Grandma gets a SST too!!!

Quick run to town for me for a few things and to stop at the bank to get the down payment on our new barn to be built. I admit I ran the WRONG DIRECTION to Walmart when the grocery would have been a better choice. Really Walmart is NOT cheaper on the things I bought at all! I\'m just going to quit relying on them for the lowest prices AS THEY DON\'T HAVE THEM on many things... They seem to rely on smoke screens and fake low prices that turn out not to be the lowest... They certainly DO NOT have the quality for which I\'ve become accustom for grocery... Live and learn I guess... Low energy and low spirits for me today... Every day can\'t be perfect I guess... Sometimes I tend to try to accomplish too darn much in a day...

Love to you and everyone in CT! Have a GREAT evening!!! I\'ll be joining you with MY cooking tomorrow so I wish us BOTH excellent results!!! xoxoxo Cj

Dear Chris, I am so happy you and your family enjoyed such a wonderful day!
Your Mom\'s Birthday cake looks so Yummy! :-) Happy Birthday! :-) I am very happy your Grandma is doing so well! :-) love your beautiful Card ,your new Calendar and all your Pictures ! :-) Thinking of you and your family!
Sending Best wishes your ways...:-) Love and Hugs,Maria

Hello Chris....Happy STT my friend. How pretty the Birthday table is for you Mom and a beautiful cake as well.I am with Mike..I like cake too!
Sounds like your Mom got a lot of nice gifts as well. I like your Grandmothers Wreath,very colorful and pretty. I wish I was around your home tomorrow as you start cooking your stuffing. Yum! Enjoy your day Chris and evening as well.
Had a shrimp salad today with beets (pickled on the side) for dinner. Went grocery shopping today,and got my favorite Green Tea Frappe Sweet!!
Going to comment on some journals than off to a hot bath and tv. not a clue what I will watch. Sons of Anarchy and American Horror are on holiday break. Love/Blessings/Greenies for you and your family. Take good care Chris and hope you get a good nights sleeps.

Sending some Happy Birthday wishes to your Mom. I am glad you and your Family enjoyed time spent with your Grandmom. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!

sounds like you had a really great day. i am so glad you enjoyed your visit with your grandma and had a yummy treat!!!!
happy thanksgiving!!!!! have an amazing time!!!