Happy super wednesday! :) sweet spring deliveries, garden work, and cool collectibles :)

Happy Super Wednesday!!! :) very special deliveries!!! :) Sending lots and lots of love, and happy sunny friendship smiles across the miles, from our hearts and home to yours :) awww! :) i'm smiling and smiling! :) We're enjoying a SUPER MEGA SWEET AWESOME SUNNY DAY!!! :) it's a day of sunshine, nature, and very special deliveries! :) my mom, Lisa, and i enjoyed a super fun, and sweet spring spirit soaring, super wednesday post office adventure! :) it went really well :) i had social interaction, and public speaking :) it was busy in the post office, i felt a bit shy/quiet, but did well overall, with my social interaction, and public speaking :) i'm very proud :) it can be a bit challenging sometimes, when it's very busy, but i did great, and i'm so very tickled happy, excited, and thrilled! :) We mailed treasures, cards, and postcards :) i had an awesome writing week, and i'm ready for some more writings! :) i love it!!! :) i bought some nice postcards stamps, they're seashells themed :) i look forward to writing more, as the week goes on :) i'm pumped up and excited! :) It's a beautifully sunny day :) it warmed up into the 50's here, and has been sunny all day :) our nature friends are out and about, enjoying the beautiful weather :) i enjoyed some nice nature walks :) we look forward to continued spring season joys :) Thank you angel friends, for celebrating the season with us, and for all of the day brightening sunshine you all bring to our days, and our lives :) We love you all bunches and bunches! :) i did some light yard/garden work today, and got 2 of our greenhouses organized :) woot!!! :) i bought a rare set of TWD season 1 trading cards today! :) i got a great deal on ebay :) i'm so happy and excited!!! :) enjoying a wonderful day, with family, friends, nature, and the spirit of the season :) tonight, the ghost hunters party is on!! :) woot!! :)

SUPER MEGA SWEET SUNNY SPRING AWESOME, SPIRIT SOARING ROADS OF SPRING TIME, SUPER WEDNESDAY POST OFFICE ADVENTURE!!! :) Very special sunny deliveries! :) i'm smiling and smiling! :) We sure do love our post office adventures :) Hi angel friends! :) my family, Holly,and i hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a beautiful day :) The spirit of spring season is all around, with the glowing golden beams!!! of sunshine and sweet blue sky today :) birds soaring around, and the nature glowing :) it's a wonderful day, to enjoy soaking up some sunshine, and sweet blue sky :) we love it!!! :) We went to the post office this morning, enjoying some great nature sights, including flowers at malerba's farm :) it was a bit cold this morning, in the upper 20's, but warmed up into the 50's here :) a classic early spring day, and so much more, to look forward too :) We're enjoying celebrating these wonderful early days of spring with everyone, and there's lots more great joys coming up, to share in, and celebrate as the season continues to blossom :)

Blossoming into a beautifully sunny day :) This morning, we had a wonderful new day, rising and shining :) i love the nice sunshine, and the sky becoming a beautiful shade of spring blue :) it was a sweet morning, blossoming into the new day :) i love gathering a big bowl of goodies, and went outside for my early morning nature walk :) it was frosty around our yard, and garden areas, but the nice sunshine warming up the nature, i knew we were in for a beautifully sunny day :) i heard lots of happy birds singing this morning, and saw some birds soaring around, including a geese! :) it was wonderful to see and hear the birds :) A brand new day, blossoming :) it was a nice relaxing, and peaceful morning :) i enjoyed some nice time here on ds, writing to friends :)

i've been having an awesome writing week, writing notes, postcards, and put together a nice treasures package to mail to Holly :) She mailed me an envelope yesterday with some her doubles TWD cards :) She and i love to trade cards, and help eachother put our collections together :) i love my writing area, and have been enjoying some great writing time : )i love my nice postcards i recieved for my birthday,and have been so very excited and thrilled to write and mail out some postcards :) it's one of my favorite joys, writing, and all of the excitement of being able to share in the excitement of celebrating the seasons :) i felt very relaxed, focused, and in tune with the day :) all the focus i need, when we go to the post office, is focusing on family and friends, smiling when they recieve their mail :) That's a pure wonderful gift, and treasure to my heart :) it was still early morning, and we were all set and ready for our super fun adventure :) sweet blossoming roads of spring time, post office, HERE WE COME!!! :)

We began our super fun adventure :) my sister Lisa drove :) The sun had rised up more into the sky, and was so amazing to see the brightness all around :) We've had some cloudy, rainy days lately, and it's wonderful to see the sunshine :) i always feel solar powered, and on sunny days, my spirits are up even more, because of the sunshine, and great feeling it brings my spirit :) my mom, Lisa, and i were enjoying a nice talk, and a peaceful car ride to the post office :) Malerba's farm has opened for the season, but is limited with their opening right now, they do have perennial flowers out, but haven't opened up the main area of their shop, and greenhouses yet, as it's still been a bit wintery, with the cold weather. We're hoping for the weather to really blossom up, into being much warmer soon :) it'll be so nice, when it's consistently in the 60's and 70's :) it could reach 74 degrees here on friday :) it will feel like a hint of summer, with it in the 70's :)

i love all of the nature sights we see, during our post office adventures :) the golf course looks all set, and ready for lots of spring time golfing, and the peaceful pond, is glowing :) i didn't see the ducks today, but it's always fun looking :) i did see a bird flying, over the peaceful pond :) i'm so proud of the awesome writing week i had, and so excited, to send out some nice cards, and treasures :) i love having big writing week's, and sending out mail :) we arrived at the post office, and parked our car :) it looked a bit busier than it usually is, i felt confident, and focused, and knew i could do well :) my mom and i walked into the post office, and lined up :) they had 2 checkouts open :) i was looking at my phone, sending Holly a text, and my mom and i were waiting to be called up :)

The worker called my mom and i up, and we wished eachother a good morning :) social interaction :) more costomers were coming into the post office, and one of the costomers next to us, was putting packages together to mail, and it was getting busier in the post office. i knew it would be a big opportunity for me to have public speaking, but i did feel a bit shy in the post office today. sometimes i do experience some shyness, it depends on the situations. i was doing ok though :) the worker asked shipping questions, i did well, with answering the questions, and the worker then asked me if i needed stamps :) i said, "yes please, 7 Postcard stamps, 2 US stamps, and 1 international stamp please :) social interaction and public speak :) wow! :) even with feeling a bit shy, i was doing really well, and i'm so proud of myself for keeping calm, confident, and relaxed :) social interaction, and public speaking is really big for me :) it helps build up my foundation of confidence, that helps me during all of my experiences :) You all have helped me make this great progress :) i feel very blessed, and thankful :) it was definitely most busiest the post office has been when we've been there, since last december, during the holiday's. i'm always so thankful, that my mom is right there by my side, and you all, our dear angel friends, with us in spirit, right by our sides :) The worker gave me the stamps, and i thanked her :)

i gave the worker the money for the total, and she gave me the change, and receipt :) we wished eachother a nice day, and the worker next to the other worker, smiled and wished us a good morning :) awww! :) We wished her a good morning too :) my mom and i walked over to the mailing area, and i put stamps on the envelope, and postcards, and then the very special moments i love very much, is holding all of the cards together, and putting them into the mailing box :)Very special deliveries! :) i'm smiling! :) my mom and i walked outside, and i felt a great sense of continued spirit soaring joy, excitement, and accomplishment :) We rocked it with an awesome post office experience, and adventure, and had some big public speaking social interaction inside the post office today :) i'm so proud! :) i thanke dmy mom and Lisa for going with me to the post office :) it's very nice, and sweet of them :) we began our journey home :) on the way home, we were enjoying talking, and i also thought of family and friends smiling when they recieve their mail :) we saw some more nature sights on the way home :)

it was so nice, going to the post office today :) i'm so happy, and thrilled about the nice cards, and treasures we mailed :) inside the treasures package we sent to Holly, there's a box of TWD cards, she and i are gonna each open a box on saturday :) it's gonna be so much fun! :) we love our post office adventures :) i had such a nice writing week, and i'm so happy and excited, to write more, as the week goes on :) i want to write a letter, some postcards, and cards :) i gain so much, from each experience :) the great joys, of sending mail, the excitement of family and friends recieving their mail, the great confidence, knowledge, and experience gained, that helps me during all of my experiences, and of course, the very special memories made, from our adventures :) Thank you my wonderful family and friends, for your incredible love, care, support, guidance, encouragement, and for believing in me, and having faith in me :) i deeply appreciate everything :) i'm with you all, all the way! :) We'll be going to the post office again very soon :) Sending lots and lots of love, and happy friendship smiles a cross the miles, from our hearts and home to yours :) happy super wednesday post office adventure smiles :)

We're enjoying a super mega sweet awesome day! :) my family and i are doing well, and are in great spirits :) It's a spirit soaring day, with lots of sunshine, and i'm so happy and thrilled about the cards and treasures we mailed :) there's lots of great things going on, as the season continues to blossom :) today for lunch, i enjoyed some nice baked sweet potatoes and a baked salsa tortilla wrap :) lunch was delicious! :) i'm so excited to blossom into another great writing week :) my mom and dad went out to shop today :) they love to shop on wednesday's :) Holly and i are so happy and excited, to watch ghost hunters tonight :) We're going to watch some classic episodes :) We love our ghost hunters party's :) Thank you angel friends, so very much, for all that you do for us : )You all are wonderfully nice, sweet, and very caring : )We deeply appreciate everything, with all of the love of our hearts :) BIG GROUP WARM HAPPY FRIENDSHIP HUG :) There's many more great things to look forward too, w ith family, friends, nature, and the awesome spirit of the season :)

-never lose hope :)

To Wildthing, Peaceful Gentle Moments of the day :) Wildthing, it's an awesome day : )We mailed cards, treasures, enjoying the sunshine and spring nature :) thinking of you, our dear friend :)

my mom says hi : )She says, "i hope everyone is having a really good day" :) awww! :) We love you all bunches and bunches, our sweet dear wonderful guardian angel friends :) We hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a wonderful day :) We think of you all often :) wishing everyone the best of good health, happiness, and peaceful joys :)

SPRING GARDEN GREETINGS! :) i enjoyed 2 awesome nature walks today :) i love checking in on our plants :) it got up into the 50's here today, with lots of sunshine :) our plants are doing well :) i did some light gardening work, including some raking, picking up our garden, and also organized 2 of our greenhouses :) we're gonna be putting some new plastic coverings on the greenhouses :) it's so exciting, getting into the awesome spirit of gardening season :) i organized our hummingbird feeders, and will be putting them up soon, and looking forward to seeing the hummingbirds :) Happy nature smiles :)





day lillies plants :)



tulips :)





lilac bushes :)


TWD Trading Cards! :) woot!!! :) i'm so happy and excited!!! :) i was browsing on ebay today, and found an amazing deal, Season 1, TWD trading cards!!! :) un-opened boxes of these cards, from 2011, sell for anywhere between $475 and $750 per box. opened boxes, with the complete 81 cards sets, sells for about $80 to $100. Today, i saw a set selling for $45! :)woot yeah!!! :) wow!!! what a price and amazing deal! :) i used $45 of my birthday money, to treat myself to the set :) i'm so happy and thrilled! :) this is amazing! season 1, for only $45!!! :) i'm so pumped up! :) i'm gonna buy a green 3 ring binder, and some more plastic sheets, to put the cards in : )they are scheduled to arrive on April 18th :) i'm so thrilled i bought this set of cards :) i told Holly, she's so happy for me :) awww! :) when another set goes on sale, i'd love to treat her :) She and i love TWD cards :) it's our dream, to put together the complete sets, seasons #1 through 7, and upcoming season 8 cards :)




Hi Chris Glad you and your family are having a nice day and enjoyed the post office. Happy to hear you did well there.It was very sunny and about 50 here too.So nice to have a sunny day.Glad you had a chance to do some yard work. Your spring flowers and sprouts are looking great. Happy to hear you got a great deal on some TWD cards on e-bay. Hope you enjoy them Thanks for all my nice hugs today.Have a good night Hugs to all-Stephanie

Nice pictures of green & flowers. Still snow here. Weather will be bad on weekend. You brought smiles into my life as well as Henri & Jack! Hugs! Brooke

I dont like lines either. I get nervous . It sounds like you did a great job with your goals at the post office . The nice weather is a welcome change! Thank you for sharing your pictures . Nice to see the plants coming up.