Happy Super Wednesday! :) Sunflower Blossoming! :) Sweet Summer Nature! :)

Happy Super Wednesday!!! :) oh my!!! :) oh boy!!! :) We're enjoying a SUPER MEGA SWEET AWESOME BLOSSOMING SUNNY DAY!!! :) SUNFLOWERS SHINING!!! and i picked our 1st cucumber of the season! :) i am so very pumped up and excited! :) woot!!!! :) Very special deliveries! :) Sending lots and lots of love, and happy friendship smiles across the miles, from our hearts and home to yours :) This day is sunshine rocking and rolling! :) Woot!!!! :) We have a HUGE TALL SUNFLOWER blossoming in our front yard! :) it's golden bright yellow petals are shining! :) We're so happy! :) It's a beautiful sunflower! :) the weather is beautiful, and i'm seeing lots of butterflies, flying all around our yard, and garden :) There's so many amazing nature joys, and spirited summer time excitement :) my mom and i enjoyed a spirit soaring, super fun, and super sweet, post office adventure today :) it went really well! :) i had social interaction, and public speaking :) i was in the sweet calm relaxing, and peacefully confidence spirit soaring zone :) i'm smiling and smiling! :) i'm so very tickled happy, excited, and thrilled! :) we mailed cards, and a treasures package :) i'm ready for another awesome writing week :) i've been blossoming into nature walks, gardening, writing, and celebrating this beautiful spirit of the summer season :) Today, i tended our plants, did some gardening :) i have put a nice mesh fence around our popcorn plants, so that the squirrels don't get our popcorn. :) tending our plants, and soaking up that wonderful summer sunshine :) i'm loving the season! :) i picked our 1st cucumber of the season today :) There's lots more great things to look forward too :) enjoying this beautiful day, with family, friends, and nature :) Tonight, the ghost hunters party is on!!!! :) whoooooooo!!!!!!! :) 

SUPER MEGA SWEET AWESOME, SPIRIT SOARING, SUNSHINE DELIVERIES, SUPER WEDNESDAY POST OFFICE ADVENTURE!!! :) Sunny greetings, from our garden! :) awww! :) i'm smiling and smiling! :) hi angel friends :) my family and i are thinking of you all, and we hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a beautiful day :) as i look otuside my computer room window, i can see a golden bright happy mammoth sunflower blossoming! :) awww! :) The sky is very sweet blue, and we're celebrating the beautiful blossoming of sunflowers in our garden, and lots more flowers too! :) This is so wonderful! :) Earlier today, my mom said, "Chris, i love that sunflower!" awww! :) It's so golden bright! :) i uploaded a picture of the sunflower on my main page, background :) it's awesome, and wonderful to see the plants doing so well, and we got an amazing sunny day, we're having here :) Sunshine, smiles, and summer time joy! :) 

We sure do love the summer time, and our post office adventures :) There's lots of great things going on :) As the summer sun was rising and shining this morning, i began to see that golden glow upon the happy smiling sunflower, as it's began to blossom :) it's a mammoth sunflower that's growing in a planter in our front yard :) the sunflower is nearly 8 feet tall!!! :) WOW!!!: ) Enjoy that sunshine, sunflower!!! :) i love it!!!! :) Where there's a sunflower, there's a smile :) it was such a spirited, and awesome start to the day :) i gathered up a nice big bowl of goodies, and went outside for my early morning, sunrise nature walk :) 

i was standing on our front steps, and looking up at the TALL mammoth sunflower, as those sweet golden beams!!! of sunshine were trickling through the sky, shining upon the sunflower, and all of our yard and gardens :) a beautiful day that rised and shined so wonderfully :) i was checking out our plants, and gardens as i put lots of goodies all around our yard, for our nature animal friends :) our snowball bush, morning glory flowers, purple wildflowers, and nasturium flowers are doing so well :) Lots of wonderful colors of summer, shining all around :) 

i was checking our plants in our backyard, especially our popcorn plants :) yesterday, i noticed one of the squirrels got one of our popcorn plants. i got a mesh garden fence and began to put it around the popcorn plants, to protect our plants, and i also ended up putting some garden decorations, and a solar light near the garden too, to help prevent the squirrels from coming into our garden. :) i'm putting extra goodies way out back in our yard, and also spreading peanut butter out on the tree branches, to distract the squirrels from coming into our garden. so far, it's working well, i did really well, and worked hard yesterday evening putting the mesh fence around our plants :) i was sore last night, but it's a good garden sore, and i got a good night's rest :) 

i felt really relaxed, confident, and focused this morning, and also super spirited about the day :) i've been writing some nice cards here in my writing area, and i also put together a treasures package :) i love gearing up for our super fun post office adventure :) i enjoyed some nice time here on ds this morning, writing to friends :) all the focus i need when going to the post office, is focusing on family and friends smiling and smiling when they recieve their mail :) That's a pure wonderful gift, and treasure to my heart :) i felt really spirited, and pumped up about the day :) it was still early morning, and my mom, Lisa, and i were all set and ready :) Sweet blossoming summer time roads, post office, HERE WE COME!!! :) 

We began our super fun adventure! :) i brought my iced coffee with me, i bought some international delight iced coffee i've been enjoying this week :) i was so excited, and seeing lots of beautiful nature. :) my sister Lisa drove, and we were enjoying a nice talk, and peaceful car ride :) We drove past Malerba's farm, the golf course, and peaceful pond :) Malerba's farm has put up their sweet corn sign :) They grow their own sweet corn in their farmlands behind the huge greenhouses :) We love buying some nice fresh sweet corn from them each summer :) The peaceful pond was glowing this morning, from the summer sunshine :) i looked for the ducks, i didn't see them, but i know they'll be out and about today amongst the pond, enjoying a nice swim on a beautiful day like this :) 

The summer nature is glowing all around :) it's amazing to see :) i love the spirit of summer time :) We continued our journey to the post office :) i saw some wildflowers, purple, and morning glory flowers blossoming :) Lots of sweet summer time flowers blossoming all around :) We arrived at the post office, and parked our car :) my mom and i walked into the post office :) it wasn't busy. :) my mom and i got called up to the checkout area by the worker :) We wished eachother a good morning :) Social interaction :) another costomer came in, and they opened a 2nd checkout :) i was feeling really confident and relaxed :) i said to the worker, "we have a package, and cards to mail" :) social interaction, and public speaking :) 

i felt so proud, to be having the social interaction, and public speaking :) it helps me a lot, and helps build up my foundation of confidence, that helps me during each experience :) You all have helped me make it this far into my therapy :) i'm very blessed, and thankful : )You all are always with us in spirit during our adventures :) the worker asked shipping questions, i did really well, answering each question clearly, and did well with my public speaking :) the worker asked me if we needed any stamps :) i said, "yes please, 5 US and 2 International stamps" :) 

The experience was going great! :) the worker gave me the stamps, and i thanked her :) She gave me the total for the order :) i handed the money to the worker, and the worker gave me the change, and receipt :) my mom and i thanked the worker, and we wished eachother a nice day :) my mom and i walked over to the mailing area, and i put the stamps on the cards :) then, a very special moment i love very much, is holding the cards together, and i put the cards into the mailing box :) very special deliveries! :) Sunny smiles :) 

my  mom and i walked outside, and i felt a great sense of continued excitement, joy, and spirited energy! :) we rocked it with a sweet, fun, smooth post office experience, and adventure :) i thanked my mom and Lisa for going to the post office with me :) it's so nice, and sweet of them :) We began our journey home :) on the way home, i was seeing more beautiful nature sights, and thinking of family and friends smiling when they recieve their mail :) We saw the peaceful pond again, and malerba's farm, with lots of plants outside :) We arrived home :) i felt a great sense of accomplishment :) it was such a nice post office experience, and adventure :) 

i'm so very happy, and thrilled about the nice cards, and treasures we mailed :) i'm ready for another spirited writing week :) i gain a lot from each experience :) The wonderful joys of mailing treasures, the great confidence, and knowledge being gained that helps me during future experiences, and the very special memories from our adventures :) Thank you all so very much,  my wonderful family and friends, for your incredible love, care, support, guidance, encouragement, and for believing in me, and having faith in me :) i deeply appreciate everything :) i'm with you all, all the way! :) You all give me strength, hope, and inspire me :) We'll be going to the post office again very soon :) Sending lots and lots of love, and happy friendship smiles across the miles, from our hearts and home to yours :) happy super wednesday post office adventure smiles :) 

We're enjoying a SUPER MEGA SWEET AWESOME SUNNY SPIRITED DAY!!! :) my family and i are doing well, and are in wonderful spirits :) There's lots of great things going on, and many special memories being made :) i picked a cucumber from our garden today :) our first of the season :) Today for lunch, i enjoyed some mixed vegetables with brown rice :) lunch was delicious! :) i've been checking in on our plants, tending them, and enjoying the beautiful blossoming of one of our huge tall sunflowers in our front yard :) it looks amazing! :) Summer time nature :) It's been a great stretch of days, and so much more to enjoy this season :) Tonight, Holly and i are going to have a ghost hunters party :) We're very excited! :) next week new episodes begin :) We're going to watch 2 episodes tonight :) Thank you angel friends, so very much, for all that you do for us :) You all are wonderfully nice, sweet, and very caring :) We'll always be here for you all :) We deeply appreciate everything, with all of the love of our hearts :) BIG GROUP HAPPY SUNFLOWER HUG :) There's many more great things to look forward too, with family, friends, and nature :) 

-never lose hope :) 

To Wildthing, Peaceful Gentle Moments of the day :) Wildthing, it's awesome to see the sunflowers blossoming, and the plants doing so well :) Loving the gardening season :) Thinking of you, our dear friend :) 

my mom says hello :) She says, "i hope everyone is having a really good day" :) awww! :) She says, "have a nice night" :) We love you all bunches and bunches, our sweet dear angel friends :) You all always warm our hearts, and brighten our days :) We hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a beautiful day :) 



Hi Chris Glad you and your family are having a nice day and you enjoyed your post office visit.I enjoyed seeing the huge sunflower photo on your page,It's beautiful, Happy to hear the garden is growing wild and you picked your first cucumber.Hope you all enjoy it.Thanks for all my nice hugs today,Have a good evening Hugs to everyone-Stephanie

Happy Super Wednesday to you too! What a happy inspiring journal you wrote today! I enjoyed hearing about your garden, your flowers, and your sweet idea of keeping the squirrel out of the garden. And I enjoyed going with you on your post office journey! I have social anxiety too, and you are an inspiration to me! Along with the very beautiful sunflower on your page today, I am filled with light and joy and happiness to be here today.
Thank you!

they haven't pulled power yet. i got to read your journal quickly:) love your magnificent sunflowers. i have heard about a new litter of kittens born...i'm thinking if Charlie doesn't return, i might like to have one of these...maybe. i'm still holding on with hope that he will turn up...