Happy Super Wednesday! :) Special deliveries! :) my 10th Anniversary here on DS :)

Happy Super Wednesday!!! :) oh my! :) oh boy!!! :) We're enjoyng a spirit soaring, SUPER MEGA SWEET AWESOME DAY!!! :) very special deliveries! :) Sending lots and lots of love, and happy friendship smiles across the miles, from our hearts and home to yours :) my mom and i enjoyed a super fun, and spirit soaring, post office adventure today! :) it's a wonderful day for a post office adventure too, as i'm celebrating my 10th Anniversary here on DS! :) Cheers!!! to you all, our dear and wonderful guardian angel friends :) our post office experience went really well :) i had social interaction and public speaking :) i was in the sweet calm relaxing, and peacefully confidence spirit soaring zone :) i'm so very tickled happy, excited, and thrilled! :) We mailed cards, and treasures :) i had an awesome writing week, and i'm ready for some more writings! :) hehe! :) i love it! :) it's warmed up nicely outside here, in the upper 40's today! :) it feels so much warmer than in recent days :) i enjoyed some more nature walks today :) Today, January 11th, is my 10th Anniversary here on DS :)my family and i are so happy, thankful, and blessed to have you all in our lives, and to share very special friendships with you all, our dear friends :) You all bring us lots of great joy, peace, happiness, and excitement :) We love and enjoy your friendships very much :) Cheers! to you all, friendship, and to the next 10 years! :) woot!!! :) yeah!!!! :) i'll always be here for you all, our dear friends :) Friends Forever :) it's an awesome day! :) Cherishing sweet memories that have made over the years, and looking forward to many many more :) We love you all very much :) Thank you all, for making the past 10 years, incredible, sharing in, and celebrating with us, many special times :) We all have been through a lot, and have grown, and blossomed more and more, into the wonderful garden of life :) You all, always have a very special place in our hearts :) Enjoying this beautiful day, with family, friends, nature, and DS! :) Tonight, the ghost hunters party is on! :) Whooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! :)

SUPER MEGA SWEET SUNNY SUNSHINE AWESOME, MEGA COOL x10, SPIRIT SOARING, SUPER WEDNESDAY POST OFFICE ADVENTURE!!! :) with the sunny nature glow, and lots of smiles glowing in my heart :) very special deliveries!!! :) on this sweet classic, and golden January day! :) it's warmer, sunny, and wonderfully glowing outside today! :) i'm so very happy, and excited! :) we sure do love our post office adventures, and the very special joy it brings our hearts, to be able to send smiles across the miles :) my family and i hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a beautiful day! :) Cheers! to you all, our dear angel friends :) Today is my 10th anniversary here on DS :) i remember it like it was yesterday, when i first joined, on January 11th, 2007 :) an amazing journey, and so much more to look forward too :) my family and i cherish and treasure your very special friendships,over the years :) Thank you all, for being a big and very special part of our lives, and for the wonderful joy, happiness, peace, and excitement you all bring us :) We feel the love, every day :) We love you all very much :) CHEERS!!! to friendship, and to the next 10 years! :)

DS has given us all an amazing opportunity to share so much over the years :) through ups, downs, good times, rough times, from season's, from spirit soaring OH MY moments!!! over the years, and so much we've all shared :) We've all grown and blossomed together more and more, in this wonderful garden of life :) 3,650 sunrises, and sunsets :) We've all been through a lot together, and we are so happy, thankful, and blessed to have you all in our lives :) We enjoy your beautiful friendships :) Thank you for being here for us, and for being wonderfully special dear friends :) We look forward to many more amazing times with you all :) Friends forever :) i'm enjoying this awesome day in the most wonderful way i can imagine, with family, friends, nature, and a post office adventure! :)

It's a wonderful day! :) This morning, we woke up to a big winter thaw, with temperatures in the 40's already, and rising up, as we had some heavy rains overnight. most of the snow melted! wow!!! it feels so much warmer outside, and we had a bright golden sunrise :) i love blossoming into these sweet sunny days :) i began my day with visiting my favorite site, DS, writing to friends, and also got ready for my nature walk :) i love putting goodies outside, for our nature animal friends :) it was amazing to see how much the snow had melted overnight, it rained a lot. The sky was becoming sweet blue this morning and there was these sweet golden beams!!! of sunshine beginning to glow all around :)

it was a sweet morning! :) i felt really relaxed, focused, in tune with the day :) here in my writing area, i've been enjoying a wonderful time, writing here in my writing area :) it's one of my favorite joys :) i've been writing cards, notes, letters, and put together a treasures package :) i was thinking of you all, our dear angel friends, and the wonderful warmth it brings my heart, to be able to send mail, and to recieve mail :) it's wonderfully special :) all the focus i need when we go to the post office, is focusing on family and friends, smiling when they recieve their mail. :) that's a pure wonderful gift and treasure to my heart :) it's also very special to me, that on my 10th anniversary here on ds, getting to go to the post office today :) We were all set, and ready for our spirit soaring adventure :) Sweet glowing roads of January, post office, HERE WE COME!!! :)

We began our super fun adventure! :) my dad was up early this morning, and drove my mom and i to the post office :) it's very nice of him :) we were enjoying a nice talk, and a peaceful car ride to the post office :) We saw some of our favorite sites, the glowing sunny nature :) golf course, malerba's farm area, and also the peaceful pond :) it was a bit frozen at the peaceful pond, as it had been very cold in recent days, but the pond is melting a bit, and we have warm temperatures today and in the upcoming week too :) i am sure the ducks will be around a bit, to visit the pond :)

it was so nice, as we cruised to the post office :) i had such an awesome writing week :) i'm very happy and excited! :) We arrived at the post office, it wasn't busy :) my mom and i walked into the post office, and the worker greeted us :) We wished eachother a good morning :) Social interaction! :) i remember when i 1st joined DS, i was very unable to go into places like the post office. i remember those days, being nervous, super shy, and only could dream of going into the post office like i do now, and here i am now, living this awesome dream come true, because of you all, my family and DS family of friends, who have helped me spirit soar, grow, and blossom into this great progress :) it means the world to me :) Each time i have social interaction, public speaking, it builds up my foundation of confidence, a foundation built with hope, strength, spirit, and unfailing faith, of pure joy and spirit to keep on keeping on, each day, and to never lose hope. :) You all believing in me, and having faith in me, has helped me every single day, and each time we have gone to the post office :) You all have been right there by our side, every step :) Thank you :) i feel so blessed, and thankful :)

The experience was going great today :) i said to the worker, "We have some envelopes and a package to mail" :) the workers at the post office are very nice to us :) the worker weighed the package, and asked shipping questions :) i did really well, with my social interaction :) i said to the worker, "we'd like 7 US stamps, and 3 International stamps please" :) the worker gave me the stamps, and i thanked her :) i felt my spirit soaring :) the worker gave me the total for the order, and i handed her the money, and she gave me the change and receipt :) my mom and i thanked the worker, and we wished eachother a good day :) my mom and i walked over to the mailing area, and i put the stamps on the envelopes :) then, a very special moment i love very much, i held all of the envelopes together, and put them into the mailing box :) very special deliveries! :)

my mom and i walked outside, and i felt a continued great sense of spirit soaring excitement, and accomplishment :) we rocked it with a great post office experience, and i had an awesome writing week :) i thanked my mom and dad for going with me to the post office :) it's really nice of them :) Lisa's been a bit busy , with her PT classes, and diet class, but is completing her diet class soon, and will be able to join us on wednesday's again :) my mom, dad, and i enjoyed a nice car ride home :) i was thinking of friends smiling when they recieve their mail :) it was so nice, going to the post office today :) it went really well, and smoothly :) i'm so happy and thrilled about the nice cards, and treasures we mailed :) i'm looking forward to having another great writing week :) i gain a lot from each experience :) the joys of sending mail, the excitement it brings our hearts when friend's recieve their mail we send :) i also gain lots of confidence, and knowledge that helps me during each experience, and always, cherishing and treasuring the wonderful memories being made, from our adventures :) Thank you all so very much, my beautiful family and friends, for your incredible love, care, support, guidance, encouragement, and for believing in me, and having faith in me :) i deeply appreciate everything, with all of the love of my heart :) i'm with you all, all the way! :) We'll be going to the post office again very soon :) Sending lots and lots of love, and happy friendship smiles across the miles, from our hearts and home to yours :) Happy super wednesday post office adventure smiles :)

We're enjoying a SUPER MEGA SWEET AWESOME DAY! :) my family and i are doing well, and are in great spirits :) We love these special times being shared, blossoming more and more into the new year :) Enjoying a post office adventure, and my 10th anniversary here on ds :) You all are very special, and very wonderful friends. :) Today for lunch, i enjoyed some broccoli, stuffed mushrooms, and a rice cake with peanut butter :) lunch was delicious! :) the weather got nicely warmer here :) i enjoyed my nature walks, and enjoying some nice time here on ds today, writing to friends :) A cool wednesday tradition, tonight Holly and i are going to have a ghost hunters party :) We're gonna watch 2 classic episodes of ghost hunters international :) Thank you angel friends, so very much, for all that you do for us :) You all are wonderfully nice, sweet, and very caring :) We deeply appreciate everything, with all of the love of our hearts :) BIG GROUP WARM SUNNY FRIENDSHIP HUGS :) CHEERS!!! to friendship :) there's many more great things to look forward too, with family, friends, and nature :)

-never lose hope :)

To Wildthing, Peaceful Gentle Moments of the day :) Wildthing, it's an awesome day! :) We went to the post office, mailing cards, and treasures :) also enjoyed some nice nature walks :) Thinking of you, our dear friend :)

my mom says hello :) She says, "i hope everyone is having a really good day" :) awww! :) We love you all bunches and bunches, our sweet dear wonderful guardian angel friends :) We hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a beautiful day :) we enjoy your very special friendships, and are so blessed, and thankful to have you all in our lives :) Friends Forever :)

Happy nature smiles :) i'm enjoying my nature walks, so very much :) It's wonderful to see the birds visiting :) it's a much warmer day today :) i put lots of treats around our yard, and enjoyed 3 nature walks :) i'm enjoying taking new nature pictures to share with everyone :) Lots of beautiful nature glowing all around : )






New TWD collectible car! :) woot! :) i recieved my awesome new TWD collectible today, that i ordered on ebay :) It's greenlight collectibles, hollywood edition, TWD :) it's the famous RV, featured in the first 2 season's of the show :) when i saw this last summer, i couldn't wait for it to be released :) it was just released recently :) i'm very happy and excited to add this new collectible to my collection :)


Mr. Cool Sunflower! :) it's so nice to see you!!! :) how's it going, and how's your winter? :) Hey Chris!!! it's going great, and i'm so happy to be visiting your journal, on this awesome 10th anniversary on DS day!!! :) oh sunflower, thank you so much! :) this is awesome, and a great joy to be ablel to share in, and celebrate with everyone :) So Sunflower, we gonna get this party started!!! :) oh yeah, Chris, you know it!!! :) Iced coffee Cheers!!! to 10 years, and to the next 10! :) Thank you Mr. Cool Sunflower for visiting, and for celebrating with us! :) Sunflower, You are... COOL!!! :)

Mr. Cool Sunflower's 1st appearance here on DS, back in 2007 :)


The Sunflowers of 2007 :) my first spring/summer on DS :) these sunflowers we grew, and blossomed that season :)





Hi Chris Glad you and your family are having a nice day and you enjoyed your post office visit. Happy DS Anniversary to you and my friend Mr cool Sunflower,He sure has had lots of fun and plenty of iced coffee in all those years LOL! I enjoyed your nature photos tonight.They are awesome as usual. Your new TWD collectible car is cool too.Thanks for all my nice hugs today.Have a good evening Hugs to everyone-Stephanie

Happy 10th Anniversary Chris!! So glad that your here and enjoying and sharing with all your friends.
Absolutely COOL TWD RV!!! Mr Sunflower looks like he is chillin and enjoying himself as well.
Glad you day so far is going good. Say hello to your wonderful family.
We here have had a major snow storm. Everything is shut down. So unusual for this to snow this much here!! Say hello to Holly and you two enjoy your evening. ♥/blessings/greenies♥

10 years has flown by! i can't believe it! i met you on here 10 years ago:) what a blessing this site has been. love your sunflower pics always and forever. i hope you're having a terrific evening:) happy DS anniversary!!!

Amazing Chris how the time has gone by, 10 years is lots of years, happy to hear that your adventure at DS has helped you, it looks like you have enjoyed a good 10 years of friendship and sharing life joy and troubles, hopefully we all will be here for a longtime.
Now my love to the family, best wishes, happy life, good times, joy, peace to all ,love from me to you.
I always miss you, my health is giving problems and I am having eye problems, migraine, will have to go see the doctor, with fibro its always a struggle.
Love to see the little birds photo, and sunflowers, here the sparrows have been singing, just now saw the Robin getting wet, its raining here and dark sky,Charlie is under the blanket , Lici is comfy sleeping on the armchair, they both keeping warm ,today is much warmer but it has been so cold, we had frost for several days.
I am going to bake a cake for the dentist, I have an appointment tomorrow, my teeth need a check up and cleaning, yesterday I spent the day visiting with my grandson, he is so grown up and talking, he had baked potatoes, refused to eat the fish, then I made him the fruit compote with blueberries, apple, pear, organic dried figs, and another berry, and he had a small plate, he loves his fruit, we watched his favourite carton, its called 'Shaun the sheep' its really funny, I like it too, he played and was really good, cannot believe how well he talks, before going to bed he gave me a hug, he now says, hug Nonna, yes Chris time has really gone by, today he goes to nursery, he loves it there.
Wish you a wonderful day, its been a blessing to know you and being your friend, I have a new cell , my daughter got it for me for Christmas, so we can message, do you have whats up , let me know, I love to keep in touch, I also have opened an account for the Sparrows, to highlight the problems they face, it is on youtube, I will send it to you on your email.
Have a happy baking Friday, keep well, lots of love, joy, happiness , see you soon, enjoy every moment, when is twd back, miss it, hugs L*************

Happy 10th anniversary Chris!! It's been so wonderful getting to know you and your family here on DS. You have made great progress in your time here as well. Wow. That's incredible! :) I have great hope and faith that you'll progress even further through time. Thanks so much for sharing your photos. The sunflowers remind me of summer...can't wait for spring. Hope you and Holly have fun with your...I think it's football night tonight..i'm not sure..i'm a day off...lol....big hugs for you both...and your family. Oh, I watched the youtube video of your Dad out in the snow...wow he really had to work hard getting out in all that bad weather. Now that he's made it to YouTube...he's somewhat of a "star". :)