Happy Spirit Soaring Sunday! :) Football party! :) TWD Party! :) Classic Fall Season! :)

Happy football sunday!!! :) TWD Party day!!! :) it's TWD Day in Halloween town!!! :) We're enjoying a wonderful, spirited day, and a BOO-eautiful weekend!!! :) it's a day of spirited fun, frighten-citement, football, foods, snacks, drinks, nature, decorating, and halloween season cheers!!! :) This season is rockin n pumpkin rollin!!! :) We're enjoying the season, so very much! :) lots of very special memories being made :) it's another sweet classic and golden fall season, with nice cool crisp weather :) We're loving it!!! :) We're having so much fun, and having the time of our lives, celebrating in all of the seasonal joys, traditions, and festivities with everyone :) We're having a football party! :) cheering on our teams :) my mom, dad, Holly, and i ordered some Chinese food for lunch, and also having some iced coffee :) Cheers! :) Greetings, from Halloween Town! :) it's a very special TWD themed day in halloween town! :) TWD and zombies have arrived, and is in halloween town to celebrate the arrival of the 10th season! :) my halloween town is glowing! :) i have my TWD collectibles displayed, it looks BOO-eautiful and spook-tacular! :) all of our halloween town friends are gathered at the haunted movie theatre, for a very special featrured presentation showing, of the classsic zombies movie, "Dawn of the dead" :) This hallowen season is amazing, and super festive! :) we're enjoying sharing the halloween decorations we put in our front yard, Alyssa and the kids came over today, and were so excited to see the decorations, and also sharing my halloween town :) We're so happy, and thrilled that everyone is enjoying our pictures :) We're so very into the moments, of this spook-tacular fun season! :) it's sweet classic, and golden day 6 of the halloween season :) We're loving hearing about your seasonal festivities, and traditions, and sharing ours :) There's so much more to look forward too :) i cooked pumpkin pancakes for the first time yesterday evening :) they came out great! :) We're so happy and excited!!! :) Holly and i are going to watch the new episode of TWD tonight :) TWD is back!!! :) woot yeah!!! :) We're putting treasures packages together, and gearing up for a big week, of more fall and halloween season fun :) i have lots more themed days planned for my halloween town, all throughout the upcoming week :) spooky cool movies, halloween decorating, cooking, baking, and lots more :) thank you angel friends, so very much, for celebrating the season with us :) This is halloween! This is halloween! :) our hearts are glowing like happy smiling pumpkins! :) enjoying a wonderfully festive, and BOO-eautiful day, and weekend with family, friends, nature, and the amazing spirit of the season :) we're ready to blossom into another awesome halloween week!!! :)

SPIRIT SOARING SUNDAY!!! :) Fall, Halloween season festivities, traditions! :) Football party, and a TWD party tonight!!! :) Woot yeah!!! :) Twas the 6th day of the halloween season!!! :) Hi angel friends! :) Fall has come to New England! :) it's a wonderfully sweet crisp, cool, and wonderful day with glowing nature, and lots of awesome excitement, and frighten-citement of halloween season!!! :) bwahahahahahaha! :) my family, Holly, and i hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a BOO-eautiful day, and a wonderful weekend! :) We're so happy, excited, and thrilled! :) it's a day of awesome fun times, and great joys of the season being shared :) spooky cool movies, football, and we're ready to celebrate the new season of TWD tonight! :) my halloween town is glowing bright, in all of it's funtober glory! :) It's such a very special time of the year :) Greetings, from Halloween town! :) TWD has arrived in halloween town, for a spook-tacular celebration! :) This day, and weekend is rockin n pumpkin rollin! :) Happy Pumpkin Smiles, and iced coffee Cheers!!! :)

We're having a sweet spirit day!!! :) with Halloween town fun, TWD new season arriving, and fall season festivities :) We love this time of the year, so very much! :) It's another cool crisp chilly day, with that classic, golden fall season spirit :) it feels like that time of the year, pumpkins, scarecrows, apple ciders, hot teas, the amazing spirit of the season blossoming all around :) Thank you angel friends, so very much for your sweet comments :) we're so happy, and delighted that everyone enjoyed seeing our halloween decorations in our front yard, Holly's halloween table, and my halloween town :) we're having so much fun, decorating,and sharing our pictures :) It's a really sweet, festive amazing start to the halloween season :) We're so proud of our decorations, and having such a great time putting our display together :) This afternoon, i sent in some pictures of our halloween decorations, and a couple more pictures of my halloween town, into the wtnh news report-it feature :) there's a chance they may show our new pictures on the news this upcoming week :) i'll keep everyone updated :) Alyssa and the kids came over today :) They were so excited to see the halloween decorations :)

TWD DAY IN HALLOWEEN TOWN!!! :) greetings, from a spook-tacular fun day in halloween town! :) The annual TWD themed day! :) my halloween town is glowing bright, lights lit, and the haunted movie theatre rockin n pumpkin rollin, with all of the frighten-citement of the season! :) Holly and i are so happy and excited! :) TWD is back!!! :) Tonight, season 10 of the TWD show begins! :) We're pumpkin-up and excited for a great new season, with a new episode each week :) We can't wait to watch! :) Holly and i love collecting TWD trading cards, funko mystery minis, and we have some other awesome TWD collectibles over the years :) Today, i displayed the TWD collectibles in my halloween town :) it looks spook-tacular, and amazing!!! :) i'm smiling and smiling! :) TWD is our favorite show, and we can't wait to blossom into the new season of the show, discussing the episodes, characters, storylines :) we have lots of friends who are TWD fans :) everyone who is watching the new season, we hope everyone enjoys :) Today, all of our halloween town friends are gathered at the haunted movie theatre, to celebrate the TWD new season, with a very special featured presentation showing, of the classic zombies movie, "Dawn of the dead" spooky cool! :) it's one of my all time favorite spooky movies :) celebrating 31 spooky movies, in 31 BOO-eautiful days of halloween! :) it's bringing me lots of wonderful excitement, and spirited energy, enjoying my halloween town, and getting to share it with everyone :) i love decorating it with different themes each day :) i have lots more themes planned, for the upcoming week, as the halloween season continues to rock n pumpkin roll! :)

The weekend is glowing wonderfully! :) Spirit of Fall Season Nature! :) This morning, we had a beautiful new day, rising and shining, with that classic, golden spirit of the season :) cool crisp autumn air, the awesome nature shining all around :) The trees are beginning to change colors more :) Holly and i enjoyed such a special time yesterday afternoon, harvesting mammoth sunflower seeds, and decorating our yard for halloween :) it's a wholesome time in the season, with all of the awesome excitement and spirit all around :) i gathered a big bowl of goodies this morning, and went outside for my early morning nature walk :) i put lots of goodies in the bird sanctuary area of our yard :) our nature friends are so happy, gathering goodies :) We love helping them during the colder months, with putting lots of treats outside :) We love our nature friends :) we didn't recieve a frost overnight, but it was about 37 degrees here this morning, very chilly crisp, it's classic, fall season weather :) our plants, flowers are continuing to do well :) We have lots of zinnia's, cosmos, some mums flowers, marigolds, and also some string beans, tomatoes, and banana peppers :) We're enjoying our garden, and plants each day, during these golden days of the season, and cherishing all of the nature memories being made :)

FOOTBALL PARTY!!! :) it's a great day for some football! :) cool weather, halloween time, and lots of seasonal excitement! :) We love our football party's, and have lots of friends who love football :) there's just something so sweet, and joyful about a nice fall football sunday :) the cool air, the countdown to the games, and preparing some awesome gameday foods, snacks, and having some drinks :) we love football!!! :) my mom, dad, Holly, and i ordered some Chinese food :) i also made some nice, maple marshmallows rice krispies treats :) they have maple marshmallows at walmart :) Holly and i have been watching football, enjoying some foods, snacks, drinks :) We love cheering on our teams, the Redskins and Ravens :) they both had 1pm games :) my Redskins lost today, they having a very rough season at 0-5. i'm hoping things will turn around soon for them. i'll always cheer them on. Holly's Ravens won a thrilling overtime game! :) Everyone who is watching the games, we hope everyone is enjoying the games :) Football season is awesome! :)

We're enjoying a wonderful day, and a BOO-eautifully sweet festive weekend! :) we love it!!! :) my family, Holly, and i are doing well, and are in great spirits :) We're loving the frighten-citement, and spirited joys of the halloween season, and beautiful blossoming fall season :) We're so happy and excited, for all of the great things going on, and many special memories being made :) We're so pumped up and excited, for lots more joys as the week blossoms :) Holly and i have football, and TWD episodes on, counting down to the new episode of TWD tonight :) it's gonna be awesome!!! and spook-tacular!!! :) AMC is having a twd marathon today :) We're loving the halloween season, so very much! :) it's such a wholesome, and joyful time of the year :) This upcoming week, is gonna be another amazing week, of halloween and fall season fun :) we're looking forward to lots more celebrations :) nature walks, writings, halloween town party's, celebrations, sweet treats tuesday, super wednesday post office adventure, trick or treating around the world, and lots more, leading us into another super fun, halloween themed baking friday adventure :) we look forward to all of the upcoming times of the new week, and sharing in, and celebrating with everyone :) Thank you angel friends, so very much, for all that you do for us and for the very special joy you all bring to our days, and our lives :) You all are wonderfully nice, sweet, and very caring :) We deeply appreciate everything, with all of the love of our hearts :) big group warm caring happy sunny october friendship hug :) There's many more BOO-eautiful times, and spirited joys to look forward too, with family, friends, nature, and the wonderful spirit of the season :)

-never lose hope :)

To Wildthing, Peaceful Gentle Moments of the day :) Wildthing, it's a beautiful day, and amazing fun halloween spirited weekend, with all of the glowing fall season nature :) We're enjoying the awesome excitement of halloween season :) Today, we watched football, gonna watch our show tonight, and also putting together halloween goodies/treasures packages :) Thinking of you, our dear friend :)

my mom says hi :) She says, "i hope everyone is having a really good day, and weekend" :) Awww! :) We love you all very much, our sweet dear wonderful guardian angel friends :) We hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a BOO-eautiful day, and a wonderful weekend :) Fall and hallowee season spirit is all around, with all of the frighten-citement, and fun festivities :) We're loving the season, and all of th great memories being made :)

TWD DAY IN HALLOWEEN TOWN! :) greetings, from Halloween town! :) It's sweet classic, and golden day 6 of the halloween season! :) it's a spook-tacular fun celebration in halloween town today, with the arrival of the TWD, and zombies!!! :) We love TWD :) We're celebrating the arrival of the 10th season :) i'm having so much fun, decorating my halloween town, displaying collectibles, and sharing my halloween town with everyone :) my halloween town is glowing in all of it's glory, for this very special day, celebrating TWD :) i love seeing the lights, and all of the decorations that makes my halloween town, a very special joy :) i'm smiling and smiling! :) Today, all of our halloween town friends have gathered at the haunted movie theatre, for a very special featured presenation showing, of the spook-tacular halloween classic, "Dawn of the dead" :) spooky!!! :) it's one of my favorite movies :) the horror-ween movie fest, celebrating 31 spooky cool movies, in 31 BOO-eautiful days of halloween :) This is halloween! :) This is halloween! :) The spirit of the season is all around :)
Spirited moments, and fun times in halloween town, as we celebrate TWD Day!!! :)











Maple Marshmallows Rice Krispies Treats! :) Gameday snacks! :) i made some nice rice krispies treats today, using some nice maple marshamallows :) Walmart has the maple marshmallows :) The rice krispies treats came out really good :) We're all sharing them, they're awesome :) we want to make some more sometime :) We love baking, and cooking :)


Halloween season, day 6, Picture of the day :) It's a spook-tacular time in the season, with lots of halloween fun, and traditions :) Celebrating the joys of the season! :)

Mr. Cool Halloween Skeleton is enjoying some BOO-berry iced coffee! :) Celebrating the halloween season, and all of the spook-tacular fun spirit! :) Lots of Halloween Fun!!! :) bwahahahahaha! :)



Im glad I stopped by your Journal. Your skeleton having a drink cheered me up.Great Pics!!Your walking dead collection is awesome!

Hi Chris Glad you and your family are having a nice day enjoying great food and football.Sorry your Redskins lost but you know the Pats are a super good team.Hope your team has a big win soon. I know you're enjoying TWD day in Halloween town and will enjoy the new season tonight.Your Rice Krispy treats look really good and I'm glad Mr cool Halloween skeleton has stopped in to visit with his iced coffee too. Thanks for all my nice hugs today Have a good evening Hugs to everyone-Stephanie

Hi Chris! I'm glad you're enjoying some football today. I'm sorry the Redskins aren't doing well this season, but as you say...never lose hope! Please save a maple rice krispies treat for Denny...they sound yummy. : ) I bought him some maple Oreos today. Have a great evening! Love and hugs.

Hi Chris and Holly Unfortunately Holly's Ravens beat my Steelers!!!! It was an amazing game and the Steelers would have won had it not been for the fumble in the overtime period. The Steelers are having a rough season with only one win so far. It is a cold day here in western Pennsylvania today. It is raining and chilly and just downright miserable!!! But that is to be expected this time of the year and we really need the rain. It started raining last evening and rained pretty much all night. Tonight it is another football party with John's 49ers playing Cleveland. I am putting together a cheeseball and crackers for the game tonight.

John has a doctor appointment today. He has not been feeling well and I told yesterday that it is time for him to find out what is wrong. He has been having a pain in his right side. He may have pulled a muscle in his side but we will find out later today. I will probably have to take him for an x-ray.

Got to run. So glad that you had such a great weekend. Love the picture of Halloween Town and have been enjoying all the different themes of each day. Have a great Monday. Hugs--John Debbie Mya and Allie

Love the TWD theme. One of my favourite shows. Great pictures. Thanks! GO 49ers! Hugs! Brooke