Happy Plants

Yesterday, Ashley tilled and fertilized my pot garden. No, not marijuana. I live in an apartment complex where there isn't a good spot to have a garden, so I invested in some pots to plant certain vegetables and herbs. I planted basil, green beans, lettuce and parsley.
The lettuce exploded and is very delicious. The basil took a while coming up, as we had a very strange, cool spring but now it's growing very well and I can't wait until the end of the season when I can harvest what I don't use fresh for cooking. I hope to make fresh pesto to freeze for later use. The green beans came up fast and furious but now have slowed down to a crawl. I'm hoping the fertilizer will help it get back on course and soon give us some tasty vegetables.
It was so nice to be outside again. I couldn't stand out there so Chris (My fiance) brought out the wheelchair so I was more comfortable. It was my first extended time outside in three weeks and it felt so good.
Feeling okay today. I'm hoping that today will continue to be on the mild end of the pain scale.