Happy New Year (little late) !

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Ours was quiet, but very nice.  We didn't make it till midnight, but had a wonderful dinner at home with crab legs, shrimp, stuffed clams and corn on the cob, with strawberry shortcake and home made whipped cream for desert........Now we gotta watch what we eat to make up for all that!!!  Made it thru with no drinking, even tho my husband did buy some bubbly, but we never did open it.  He drank it on New Years day.
Here's to a sober, safe and peaceful 2011 for all!!!!!!!  Even if its not all peaches and cream, savor the good and know that the not so good will pass and bring you around to a better day.  We wouldn't know what good was if there wasn't a little bad to compair it to!  Hang in there everyone!!!



Happy New Year! Glad you had a nice evening. Just reading your menu made my mouth water! lol
I like your attitude for the new year!!!! An attitude of gratitude has made a huge difference in my life! Hope it does for you, too! :)