Happy Morning!

I feel happy this morning!
I truly do!
I've been exercising, sticking with my gluten free diet, doing yoga, meditating, and doing things that make me happy. If something doesn't make me happy, I don't do it.
I figure, with the amount of medical things I do everyday that are hard, I have enough hardship in each day to overcome with that alone. If I don't get anything that "needs" to be done on a particular day, it is not the end of the world, there is always tomorrow! What is the point in doing something I don't like? We only have one life to live!
I've also decided to begin diving into religion again. I steered awary from it for a long time as a teenager because I felt a HUGE disconnection with God. I didn't understand why so many people lived for this scary white bearded man who would scold you to hell if you did anything wrong. Now I've come to realize that there is that God, but there is also the Immanent God who lives in me, and in each of us. I have a light that shines in me, it is just a matter of using religion as an outlet or tool to strenthen that light.