Happy Monday!

Hi all, hope you are doing well today!  The weekend was great.  We got our tree up and decorated, bought most of the gifts and all without a drink!  I have to admit that while we were shopping, my mind was thinking of it due to the crowds and crazy people!!!  But made it thru to day 33.  Time seems to be going by fast now that the first few weeks are over.  My husband has really cut back.  Some days he doesn't drink, and some he does, but usually only 1 maybe 2 and he stops.  He says its just not the same since I don't drink with him.  Maybe he'll quit some day, but thats his choice, not mine.
My kitty is still with us and seems to feel a little better.  She has been going outside and sometimes will play "shadow chase" with us.  Not eating much tho.  We will just keep enjoying every day we are given with her.
We had snow here in north Alabama yesterday and last night.  Unusual for us this early in the year.  For that matter, we don't get much snow here.  Some of the schools closed, so all the kids were happy!!!! Take care all, hope you have a great day.........