Happy Memorial Day! :)

my family and i are thinking of you all, and we hope everyone, is having a peaceful, and relaxing, memorial day holiday weekend :) keeping close in our thoughts, prayers, and in our hearts, all of the brave men and women, who gave their all, to our country, to make it a very special, free, and safe place, to always treasure :) We love all of our brave men and women, and are so proud of them, including some of our very own family members, who have served over the years :) uncle Ralph, and uncle Ed. :) We salute all, and appreciate them, for their amazing spirits, and their love for our country, that forever lives on, and enables us, to be able to enjoy life, each day to the fullest :) Cheers!!! :)
It's a really nice memorial day holiday weekend :) my family and i are doing well, and are in great spirits :) we've had a blend of beautiful weather this weekend :)memorial day weekend, is always a special time, and really does begin the countdown, to the summer season :) time being spent, with family, friends, hobbies, that are wholesome, and memorable :) We're thankful, and blessed, to be able to enjoy sharing in, very special times like this, with everyone :) We've felt your wonderful spirits with us in spirit, throughout the weekend :) Thank you angel friends :)
We had a great BBQ cookout this afternoon :) Alyssa, Aj, and Colby, Jacob, and Brayden came over :) We fired up the BBQ grill, and were so excited :) we grilled some great foods, and also had some nice spring time salads :) macaroni salad, lettuce salad, plus hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken, sausages, peppers, and baked beans :) it was so good! :) there's just something so nice, about that great scent of the BBQ grill, and being outside, cooking :) it's spring time :) We love it! :) we look forward to many more nice BBQ's :)
This weekend, we put lots of great love into our yard, and gardens. :) our plants are doing so well, they are growing healthy, and happy, soaking up the spring sunshine :) It's gonna be a big week, to tend the plants, as we have some great sunny warm days coming up :) i've gone into full gardening mode :) i know it's full gardening time, when i'm outside, and got packets of garden seeds in my back pocket, my garden gloves on our garden fence, and i'm smiling at the sunflowers, that are growing so nicely :) i really enjoyed dwelving into some gardening this weekend :) Today, i planted some pumpkin seeds, and gourds seeds, in our gardens :) in my mom's peace flower garden, there's some nice space for planting :) i thought it would be neat, to see if some pumpkins will grow on that side of our yard :) my dad and i planted tomato plants :) we're really proud of our yard, and gardens, and all of the love, and energy we've been putting into it. :) We love to share. :) i'm so happy, and thrilled, everyone's been enjoying reading about our gardens, and seeing our plants grow :) The sunflower sun race begins soon :) There's so much more, to look forward too :)
The new week, beginning to nicely, and we have lots more to look forward too :) We have sweet treats tuesday tomorrow, super wednesday post office adventure, ghost hunters party :) and lots more, leading up, to a fun ice cream themed baking friday adventure :) We are feeling blessed, and thankful :) Angel friends, thank you all so very much, for all that you do for us : )Your friendships are a special joy :) You all inspire me, each and every day, to do my best, and to keep on keeping on, every day :) i'll always be here for you and your family's :) Thank you all, for sharing your days with us, and for joining us on our days :) BIG GROUP WARM SUNSHINE HUG :) Tonight, i'm gonna put a movie on :) looking forward to going out to get some treats tomorrow :) Looking forward, progress forward, each and every day :)
UPDATE :) angel friends, i'm posting my journal early, as my dad and mom, want to go to the casino :) they invited me and Lisa, and mentioned i could cash in my winning ticket, from the preakness stakes horse race :) we're gonna go to the casino :) i wanted to post my journal earlier, as i don't know when we'll be home this early evening, and thought i'd post it now :) it's a nice day :) This evening, i'm going to spend some time here on ds, writing to friends :)
-never lose hope :)
To Wildthing, Peaceful Gentle Moments of the day :) Wildthing, it's been an awesome weekend, and there's many great things going on in my life, and in my days :) i'm feeling blessed, and thankful :) awesome to see the sunrise each morning, with you with me in spirit and in my heart :) Thinking of you, our dear friend :)
my mom says hi :) She says, "i hope everyone had a good holiday" :) awww! :) We love you all bunches and bunches, our sweet dear friends :) We hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying a nice peaceful holiday weekend :) Thank you for celebrating with us :) Your friendships are a beautiful joy :) We wish everyone, continued peaceful joys :)
Happy Memorial day! :) my family and i hope everyone is having a peaceful, and relaxing memorial day holiday :) it's a really nice weekend :)There's been lots of great things going on :) time with family, friends, nature, and gardening, plus an awesome BBQ cookout today :) We love sharing in, and being able to celebrate these special times with you all, our dear friends :)
BBQ COOKOUT :) We fired up our BBQ grill for the 1st time today :) our BBQ cookout area is all set, and ready :) We love grilling outside :) it's spring time, and countdown to summer season is on :)

my dad and i planted some tomato plants in our garden today :) 11 tomato plants :)
i planted pumpkin seeds, and gourds seeds in my mom's peace flower garden :)

Raspberry bushes, and Grapevines, growing wild! :)
Flower bush is growing, and blossoming :)
Our fruit trees are doing really well :)
Peaches :)
Apples :)

Pears :)

We have lots of sprouts in our planters :)

The spirit of spring time :)



Good Afternoon Chris Glad you and your family had a great BBQ this afternoon, I wish you all lots of luck at the casino.Hope you win BIG and have fun. I enjoyed seeing the fruit trees today and hope you\'ll grow lots of cool gourds pumpkins and of course some great sunflowers.Thanks for all my nice hugs today,Have a good afternoon and evening Hugs to everybody-Stephanie

Dear Chris, I am happy you and your familyhave a wonderful day,
and enjoy a great BBQ :-) love all your pictures..:-) Best Wishes and
good Luck at the casino! :-) Hugs and Love, Maria

I LOVE the BBQ area, ya\'ll did a great job setting that up.The yard and garden looks wonderful.I LOVE your moms own little garden area, that is a wonderful thing to do just for her, she deserves it.I hope you all ate well, laughed and loved and had wonderful family time together.God Bless ya\'ll. Best wishes for the casino too. I wish nothing but happiness and great things for each one of your precious family.I am s happy that I get to share in your life through this site.You are a good man Chris.Love ya\'ll ~Anya

Your BBQ looks good Chris. Pretty blue umbrella too. Hope you had fun at the casino. Sounds like a Great day with your family. Those grapevines and raspberries are looking really healthy and so are the fruit trees! sprouts are coming up nicely as well. My peanut plants are just now beginning to shoot up from the dirt. I planted two mammoth sunflowers too. Have a great day Sunshine. blessings greenies