Happy Father\'s Day Justin

Happy Father's Day sweetie I thought of you often Sunday I'm sure your watching over us.A great big hug to you love ya,Mom Sunday was a good day for me.We built a fire and had hot dogs and smores.It was so relaxing to just set there and watch the fire.Earlier I want to Walmart and bought some Hosta's to plant on the north side of house I also bought a fern and two beauitful annuals.Went to Lowe's and pu 2 ceiling fans and 2 light strips for the bathrooms Mike got everything installed except 1 ceiling fan.I'm still Old Englishing the paneling and base boards.What a job.I went to the cematary Friday they were having a funeral a little ways from Justin.As I stood there it brought tears to my eyes remembering Justin's furneral.It's been 15 months since I've seen my son he has his dad with him now I'm sure there was alot of hugging.I miss him so much that deep down in my heart it aches my heart is broken into so many pieces.There has been alot of deaths of people I knew mostly children  I know their parents pain.I wish I could ease their pain but I still have so much pain myself.I did tell them if they needed to talk I would listen and hug them close.I never thought I would lose one of my children but I have and I know that I must go forward and keep his memories alive.It just isn't fair why us?Peace to all sending you hugs please keep me in your prayers because no matter how long it's been I know I have my friends on DS who listen and not judge me.Love,jfm24,Vicki