Happy Father's Day! :) Gardening with my dad today :)

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! :) Gardening joys, with my dad! :) my family and i want to take this time, to wish everyone, a very happy Father's day, and we thank you all so very much, for your awesome happy father's day wishes for my dad. :) i shared your wishes with my dad. :) We send very special thanks. :) my dad is enjoying a happy father's day. :) We gave him his gifts today, and we also went shopping at home depot, and malebra's farm :) my dad and i are on a gardening mission! :) hehe! :) We are attempted to load up one of our gardens, with more plants, and to protect the plants, from some insects/bugs. We browsed around home depot today, and the garden greenhouses at malerba's farm. :) we bought some radish seeds, and some cucumber plants. :) We've been talking about gardening, and i also did some planting today in the sunflower field of hope and unfailing faith. :)
On this day, we think of dad's, celebrating dad's, and all of the very special memories they have given us over the years. :) Dad's are very special. :) i would love to share a nice memory with everyone. :) when i was a kid, i use too be really into baseball cards collecting, sports cards, football, basketball. :) some of my favorite memories, were when my dad and i would go to the baseball card shop every friday, and also when we went to the sports shack in the city mall, to buy packs of cards. :) my dad and i would buy packs of cards, open them up, and find our favorite player's cards. :) i remember one time the sports shack was having sales, on packs of 1987 TOPPS baseball cards, for only $1. :) i remember we took 3 trips to the city mall that day, to buy some packs of cards. :) it was always so much fun, to buy those cards, and we still to this day, are very much interested in sports, cards collecting. :) over the years, we have saved all of our cards, a collection, that spans, nearly 50,000 sports cards. :) We love, and cherish our collection, and will always treasure it. :) my dad and i use too go card hunting, at places like the flea market in Rhode Island, and also to yard sales all around our area. :) We love cards, and the hobby will always be, a very special part of our lives. :) Happy father's day dad! :) We love you! :)
It's a really nice day today! :) this morning, my sister Jenn, and little Michael came over to visit. :) We were all gathering around under our front tree, as we had some nice early weather. :) we gave my dad his happy father's day cards, and gifts. :) Kayla and Taylynn made cards for my dad. :) he is so happy, and was so excited with us all gathered around him, and he opening up his gifts, and cards. :) i gave my dad the lighthouse themed card, a bingo lottery ticket, and also gave him lots of his favorite treats i bought for him yesterday at the dollar store. :) it warms our hearts, and makes us smile, that my dad, and all of the dad's in our family, are having a nice father's day. :) both my brother Charlie and Bobby, have children. :) my nephews Cj, Robbie, and also niece Katie. :) It's so special, celebrating these wonderful times, with family, friends, and joyful spirit of the day. :) i've been thinking of you all often today, and keeping you all very close within my heart. :) during these nice times, we're always with eachother in spirit. :)
i spent some nice time with my dad today. : )our Gardening time! :) my dad and i have been looking forward to going to home depot, to stock up on some more soil. :) before we went out to shop today, i did some big gardening in the sunflower field of hope and unfailing faith. :) i replanted 6 potato plants, in the garden, as the potato spuds weren't sprouting in the garden tote we used, as the soil got too wet, so i decided to plant the potatoes in between our pepper plants, and i also planted, lots and lots of string beans, around the out corners of the garden, and put some nice soil around the stem bases of the plants. :) i was so very into this! :) it felt great to be enjoying some gardening. :) my dad came out back, and we were looking at the plants. :) We spotted a hummingbird visiting our yard today. :) there's 2 hummingbirds, a green one, and a black one. :) such cute and adorable little birds. :)
after 12pm, my dad and i cruised town to home depot. :) We drove past malerba's farm, the golf course, and the peaceful pond. :) it was a nice car ride. :) we were discussing nature, and gardening. :) at home depot, my dad and i browsed around at stuff there, we looked at fencing, and also browsed around at the plants. :) We bought 7 bags of soil. :) 3 organic bags of soil, and 4 top soil bags of soil. :) it'll keep us nicely stocked up on soil for a while. :) my dad and i were talking, and decided to also go to malerba's farm on the way home. :) sweet!!! :) We wanted to look for radish plants, and cucumber plants. :) we've been having a major garden issue, in one of our gardens. on the side of the addition/driveway, something, a type of bug, or insect, has aggressively been eating, our cucumber plants, and string beans plants. it doesn't bother the tomato or pepper plants, but has been getting to the other plants, including sunflowers. my dad and i are hoping to fix the issue, we've been using vanilla extra with water, lemon juice with water, this one insect/bug, is very hungry bug, so we decided, we're gonna put more organic soil in this garden, and are hoping to really get on top of things, when it comes to his garden, as it's one of our favorite gardening areas, and we really want to grow string beans, and cucumbers in this garden. :) i'll keep everyone updated on how things are going. :) This afternoon, my dad and i planted corn plants, and cucumber plants. :) We're determined to get the garden rocking and rolling again, with positive growing energy, in the garden on the side of our drive-way :)
We're enjoying a nice day. :) Celebrating all Dad's :) it was so nice going out with my dad today, to garden shop, and spending time in our yard and gardens. :) We love all of the very special memories being made. :) my family and i are doing well, and are in good spirits. :) my dad's going to scratch is bingo lottery ticket tonight, while resting, and is looking forward to having some snacks too. :) We're so happy, to help make hsi father's day very special. :) We have so much more to look forward too, this upcoming week. :) with nature walks, gardening, and we also have sweet treats tuesday,Kayla's graduation on wednesday, post office adventure, ghost hunters party, and lots more, leading us into a super fun graduation themed baking friday adventure. :) Life is very special, and precious, each day is a gift, and a blessing. :) my family and i thank you all so very much, for all that you do for us. :) You all are wonderful friends, and bring lots of great joy, happiness, and peace to our days, and our lives. :) We deeply appreciate everything, with all of our hearts. :) BIG GROUP HUG :)tonight, i'm gonna enjoy some watermelon for snack, and going to write a letter, and some cards. :) my family and i hope everyone is enjoying a peaceful sunday, and a nice weekend. :)
-never lose hope :)
To Wildthing, Peaceful Gentle Moments of the day. :) Wildthing, today dad and i went garden shopping, and also been doing some nice gardening. :) we're continuing to plant our gardens, and are excited about the season. :) Thinking of you, our dear friend :)
my mom says hi. :) She says, "i hope everyone is having a nice day" :) awww! :) We love you all bunches and bunches, our dear friends. :) We hope everyone is enjoying a peaceful sunday, and a wonderfully safe weekend. :)
Happy Father's Day! :) my family and i wish all dad's, a very happy father's day. :) We're thinking of everyone, and sending lots and lots of love. :) i enjoyed sharing in my journal today, about special memories i have, of all of the years my dad and i collect sports cards. :) i took some pictures of some of our collection. :) our cards collection will always be a wonderful part of our lives, and our memories. :)

Happy Gardening :) my dad and i enjoyed gardening today, and going to home depot, and malerba's farm, to stock up on some garden supplies. :) i'm going to be planting sunflowers this upcoming week. :) we're also gonna be tending the plants. :) Thank you all so very much, for all of your wonderful comments, and compliments on our plants, and gardens. :) We love sharing our gardens with everyone, and celebrating the season. :) We're hoping for some more dry weather, and sunshine as the week begins. :) it's been a nice dry weekend, with no rain. :) i loaded up the sunflower field of hope and unfailing faith, with string beans seeds around the outer corners of the garden. :) gonna transplant a few sunflowers this upcoming week too. :) Lots of Sunflower Gardening, to get those sunflowers reaching for the sky. :)
This season, we're really digging deep into the gardens, with learning so much new things, tending the plants, and protecting the plants. :) we're deeply into this season, and it's a wonderful feeling. :) this season, is definitely, a season of learning, and a season of some of our deepest garden dedication and hardest work. :) 



Hi Chris Glad you and your dad had a great day together.Happy to hear you had fun shopping and gardening.Glad you had a good day with your family too.The garden is looking wonderful.Hope the hungry bugs go away soon.You sure have lots of sports cards. I bet some of them are worth good money by now.Thanks for all my great hugs Today. Have a nice night. hugs to all-Stephanie

Sounds like you enjoyed a GREAT DAY with DAD!!! It\'s so special to spend time with Dad on HIS DAY... I admit, I spent a good part of my day thinking of my Daddio... I miss him soooooooooooooooo much...

Guy went north for the day to spend the day with Grover. I know he\'s very relieved that Grover is still in his shop tinkering with his projects... Guy is exactly the same!

I spent a good part of the day checking out the farm and plants researching online questions as they arrisee... Quiet day, did one load of laundry and read my new book! I\'m really enjoying reading again now that my EYES can SEE!!! I\'m a happy camper~~~

Love to you and Mom and DAD and everyone in CT!!! Have a great evening!!!

Hello Chris....Wish your Dad a Happy Fathers Day from me and Annie! Loved hearing about how you and your Dad would go and shop for Baseball cards together! A wonderful bond you have formed with one another. Your day of celebration and gardening sounded really nice as well! Makes me smile.
Your new week ahead sounds full with lots of adventures and fun ahead.Tonight True Blood begins!!!! YEAH!! You also asked if I BBQ\'d this weekend ,I did made chicken and beef kabobs with BBQ sauce. came out pretty tasty. I watched \"celebrity ghost stories\" last night and really enjoy those shows. Looking forward to hearing about your new week and all that your doing. Your garden is just blooming nicely,well taken care of and loved by you and your Dad. Keep up the good work Chris,you are doing Great. Love//Hugs xoxo from me and Annie xo

Dear Chris,I am happy you had such a wonderful day with your Dad! :-) I love your Garden, it is so Beautiful,especially your Rose-bushes! :-)) Thinking of you, my dear friend! Sending best wishes your way....Love, hugs and Smiles,

thanks for sharing. it sounded like a really nice day. happy father\'s day to your day!!!! great pics too!!!