Happy Easter

It's Easter Sunday today and I don't really have much planned. Too tired and I have a headache :(Goal UpdateI'm at 6 stone now...my target weight that I wanted to get to. I have mixed feelings. One part of me is happy like "yeah you did it!" and the other half is now worried and a bit scared. I know I'm still going to want to see the numbers go down, and if it was happening at a slower rate, maybe I wouldn't feel so bad. But the thing is, I'm still trying to eat my breakfast and a little for dinner and yesterday I had 3 dried prunes for lunch and I still lost 3/4 of a lb! If I keep losing weight at this rate by the time Wednesday comes and I have my GP's appointment I'll be about 5 stone 12! What the hell is he going to say when my pdoc started freaking at 6 stone 2!