Happy days are here again.

 Well fellow campers another installment in my Journal, and this is an installment that I am happy to write and share.
 No I have not won lotto. No my UK buddy is not coming to Australia. No I have not signed some great contract to begin teaching at a wonderful institution. All of these things would have made me over the moon and to quote an old expression...'I would be as happy as a pig in shitte".
  No the reason why I am so happy is a threefold reason, and I wish to share them with you.
  The diet is working. The weight is slowly going down and I am feeling better for it. Secondly, I am off the fags, yes I have tossed the terrible weed away. I am so grateful to science for this little gift they have given to all of us that smoke. Thirdly, we are off on another holiday. Nothing erotic or exotic, just going up the far north coast to catch the last rays of the sun.
You may ask yourself, but is it not Autum in Australia? Yes it is Autum. We however are still having days and nights in the high 30'c and low 20'c (that is centigrade), that is the weather for you in Australia.
   So ciao for now, will think of all of you....Love and Respect to each of You