HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2016 in twenty languages//chiro is sick//heavy fog


A safe and very happy New Year!!




 We used to celebrate this with a cake - like any holiday or celebration is, and to me i always see it as "baby new year" and happy birthday new year, even though the years are all false and humanmade and don't really exist anyway.  surprised they don't have a giant baby at the mall with the new year printed on it to take one's kid's picture with.  nowadays we all have sugar issues and can't have much cake -- though i'll still get a 3 king's cake as soon as publix sells them.  

nothing going on.  i'd have left already, but there is a thick fog out there.  very nervous about driving in any conditions ever since the car accident two years ago.  major change.  a's house seems to have fallen through and the guy is avoiding him.  i gave him the number for another one.  so sad.  over 2 months of living in limbo.  sick.   there is another house in the right area that is on the market for 32,000 and sold for 100,000 just two years ago.  he should go by and look at it.  very sad to see that kind of thing, so little owed and then to lose it -- whoever owned it should get an investor to buy it back for him at 32,000, but people never do that.  they usually get disgusted and just move on (or worse, many do damage if they lose a house).  

wanted to paint today, woke up to cold and rain, then two hours later it was beautiful out, two hours after that, its cold and rain again.  grrrr.  went to the spa.  yay!  went to the utility department finally,  lol.  and straightened out the water bill.  i hope.  meant to do that back in august, still can't figure out how it jumped 25 dollars higher just for that one month?  she suggested someone was using the water while we were on vacation.   wth?!  it did that in may and august and both months we were away - i'm not here a lot anyway.  that happened to leeanne from ds, with her cable/internet and she discovered it was her neighbor/friend/mechanic that owned the house behind her house was plugged into her internet somehow - he even confessed to her that he had been doing it for several years.    since she owned a business on line and lost business when she lost internet it was a huge problem.  he didn't even offer to reimburse her and it was going on for years.  wth?    homestead was having way more economic problems than most areas in florida back then, but pay up bud.  gad!  and even then its not enough for lost business.   there are  lots of deals in real estate in the homestead area because of the huge amount of foreclosure - she said its like a ghost town.  sad though.  they used to barbecue with that neighbor's family in the summer for holidays.  you can never tell with people.    

have no idea if the water people are really going to do whatever they said they would do.  its nicer in that office now.   all different people and much friendlier.  they even have courtesy calls.  big surprise.  

the chiro i was supposed to see is sick with this cold/flu as well.  its getting everyone, so he cancelled all appointments.  i would rather he do that then give it to everyone at his office.       



he only needs 3% on that, which is, $920 down if he qualifies for fha (first time home buyer\'s) he really needs to at least look at it.

so a says to me to see if an investor will buy it for him and he will rent it. he\'s very squirmy on buying anything other than a mobile home. i said to him investors won\'t rent it, they will sell it to you and owner finance you because they don\'t want the headache of the repairs. they live off the interest and add \"fees\" for profit -- most of them will sell the mortgage that they are holding for you, to a bank after that or to another investor, and then go on and do another one.

actually i\'m craving chocolate, chocolate chip cake, that was the fave for holidays. that or lemon. i had a brownie at the church thing, but that didn\'t cut it. actually enjoyed the apple strudel they had there more.