Happy About 26

Oh man, 6 whole days since I wrote what makes me happy.
I was looking at the goal thingy, trying to think of goals. Of course there are things that would make me better and stronger, but I'm not sure happier. So my goal is to be as happy as I can for as long as I can. Easy shmeasy. Works for me.
I am happy I spoke with my 4-year-old grandson. He was telling me all about his Wii games. "You should get that one Gotu." Then he explained that I should start at the normal level because hard is "way hard." Haha, he has a lot of confidence in me.
I am happy my husband spent 3 days home for the weekend and my infusion. He has been working lots and I have been missing him.
I am happy my husband went to work today because I like my time alone.
That's 3. Have a wonderful day, I'm going to.
I will think of 9-11 today too. It was such a horrendous day. I remember lots of details about that day in my life. I will always remember.



Dee, each time you write you find it easier and easier, and that should make you happy too; LOL LOL, I am so glad you have so many positive things going on about you. Take care, continue having a great day. And I completely get being happy when the spouse goes to work sometimes. LOL -- Bill