Happy (??) 2013

I suppose I am "thankful" the divorce is "over" though it's appalling to not have any means of leaving still and worse yet, the house is ordered to be sold, which means I will be scrubbing dog pee out of the carpets and etc. And I thought I was tired before??!!
Got a letter from his attorney, too, wanting me to "take" over $1000/month payments for house and utilities ... WHAT? I would GLADLY have left a year and a half ago, but Mr. BUFU wouldn't cooperate in any regard toward that end. The guy doesn't want a divorce, this is entertainment and sport for him. I didn't obey his demand; he has the "right" to punish me.
Realized what I have been going through is "burn out". Emotional exhaustion. So I do the things that I know help and am trying not to push too hard. I need some peace, in life and mind, to get through this. But I KNOW that he is still set on hurting me, so it's hard to relax and get rid of the constant adrenalin flow.
I've been making little bits of progress here and there and hopefully, will go into that later. One thing I really need to do is update my prayer list. I keep adding to it and I know my memory, so ... and I have what seems like a million other things to do besides. So a bit of updating here to be followed by getting a few things done.