I am watching my children play...my almost 2 year old is chasing my 7 year old and laughing at him. These small things make me so  happy. I want to go camping and to the gym and to chicago...and everywhere else! I hope this happens soon! The one thing that this has all made me realize is how great it is to have family and friends. I don't care what you do, how you have fun, or what you look like! What's important is that you are a good person and a caring person. I will never judge you. I'm glad there are so many caring people out there like the people on this site. I want everyone to know that you do not ever need to explain yourself to me, or how you got this disease, or your lifestyle choices. Nobody deserves to be in pain and I hope everyone has a great (and pain-free) day! Thank you all for adding me as your friends and taking time out to try and help me while I go through the journey of finding out what's wrong! Hugs to everyone!