Hanging in there

I ended up getting over 13,000 steps on Monday.  Thank goodness.  I was digging around yesterday doing inventory at a burned up house and only got in 6400 steps yesterday.  I got my 52 oz of water goal for Monday, but not yesterday.  We had bad storms yesterday.  I was taking the dog for a walk and it was thundering lighting, no I kicked butt home and got in 21 mins.  Got to the Y this AM and did my 35 min on the elyptical and 25 mins of upper body weights.  Will try to go tomorrow am as I will not be able to go again for at least a few days.  Paul is going to Utah with some friends and I can't leave David home alone.  I will find other ways to get my exercise in though.  Food Monday and Tues, both days was over my points.  So I need to really watch it for the next few days if I want to lose.  I should be ok today with my water. The carbs are killing me.  I am such a carb a holic.  Large bagel with cream cheese Monday am, leftover spaghetti for lunch, baked potato for dinner.   Yesterday, it was 2 pcs of sausage pizza for dinner and some honey wheat pretzels.  So I am going to focus on fruits and veggies next 4 days and less carbs.   Paul finished painting my bathroom.  Yeah!  Now I can start cleaning.  Everything at my previous house was white, and variations of off white.  I was determined to go with color at this house.  My husband and I love to watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  The colors they mix together are incredible!  I also love to watch HGTV.  All of a sudden, my husband is into bold colors!  When we bought this house, it was 3400 sq ft of white!  White walls, white ceilings.  Previous owner even had white furniture.  White toilets, white pedestal sink, white fiberglass shower stalls, white tile kitchen countertop.  We were OK with that as the house desperately needed to get painted anyway.  (When we bought it, it was 14 years old and had not been painted since the day it was built.  Construction grade antique white paint.  You could clearly see the cut in's at the ceilings and could even see the drywall through the paint.  Not even sure they primed the walls before painting. )  So it is great to see things look "finished."  The sun showers yellow in the sunroom looks great.  Paul questioned my choice, but now we are both into it.  Can't wait to move furniture back in today.  David is mopping the floor now. Will be nice having a few days without Paul.  Have to see if David can do a sleepover somewhere!  Woo Hoo!  I think I will load up my car on Saturday with Goodwill donations!  Woo Hoo!  And vacation coming up in a couple of weeks.  2 weeks off!