Half empty/Half full

Finally seeing some real summer weather. Seems to always come after the 4th of July(Watching fireworks wrapped in a blanket a truly Northwest experience). Just got back from Church camp near Wenatchee WA. Some beautiful country, mountains, rivers, and some wonderfull valleys. My son is visiting his mother for the summer so he didn't attend but I thought I should go along to help out around camp and it's a nice gettaway for a few days. Staying in contact with him the best I can but he is spotty on checking his cell phone and keeps it on silent most of the time. I'm bummed that we can't spend some time together during the summer and get out to enjoy the great weather, we get so little of it up here in the NW that it is a real treat when we do. He seems to be doing just fine with his mother and I hope that he is happy while he is visiting. Trying to keep myself busy around the house and work but it's difficult going from being a full time single parent to full time single. I find myself feeling a little lost without direction and lonely. Most of the time it's not that bad but the house gets awful quiet without him there and I find myself falling asleep on the couch with the tv still on. But enough of that things are not that bad and given everything that has gone on during the last year I am gratefull for where I'm at in life and will keep on counting my blessings.
Hope all is well with the DS family. Keeping all of you in my thoughts/prayers!



Hooray for finally getting some summer weather! It must be very welcome after months of coldness!

The camp sounds a beautiful place, any pics?!

I can imagine it must be hard for you to be in an empty house after it being so full of your son for so long. It is a shame you can\'t spend the summer together, but at least the good bit is that he always comes back to you.
You will have to find lots of things to do to occupy your spare time so that you don\'t miss him too much. Easier said than done I\'m sure.

Love and hugs xx