had my and rn's nails done//gave grey tiger ivermectin//dinner at k's//soaked my back at c's

brought rn for her first manicure/pedicure ever.  amazes me that people don't go to spas or nail salons all the time.  and I guess it would amaze them that that amazes me.  lol. 
she seemed to love it.  I need to drop off cuticle oil for her, her girl didn't use it on her.  grrrr.  also didn't do the reflexology part which is the part that I like best.  funny, had we gone to an Asian or Jamaican shop they would do both (but the also cut more and some people are afraid of that).  they did have the massage chairs.  I discovered the roller part of it is optional on the remote.  hope I remember that next time I get my nails done, because I totally hate that part.  the rest of the massage chair is great. 

had my nails done in purple opi.  haven't done the dark color thing in a long time.  wanted to have my hair cut after that and ran out of energy.  boy, am I old.   lol.  picked up prescription and then left for dinner at k's.  London broil, asparagus, broccoli, coffee, and cape codders (cranberry with vodka - some books call these cosmopolitans.  still prefer the cranberry with the sweet white wine).  dropped off a bag of ramen noodles packs for c.  gave the grey tiger his weekly dose of ivermectin, he looks a little better.
ran into d's sister who is a hair stylist.  have a feeling she has told me this before, I've become one of those.  i said it to e and he is the same as jc, he shrugs and is like, who cares.  with both of those guys, if you don't play an instrument pro or are in the industry on some pro level, they won't remember ANYTHING about you at all, they just smile and nod and both of them were ALWAYS like that.  lol.  washed the car and did some pruning in the back and along the sidewalk in the morning.   left a message for m, if she has seen junieb as I haven't?  in about a week - I knew something was missing, but I've been so busy I couldn't remember what that something was.  lol.   found a shop that has coffee haagen daaz in the larger tub, now I just have to remember who has it when I run out. 



I\'m trying to find a good haircut for me. I normally grow out my hair and donate it to Locks Of Love, but I just want it short for summer. I had a cut I really liked but couldn\'t replicate it.

I need a hair cut so bad. Just not sure where to go now as the last time (at a place I really liked) the lady got rude with me. She was new and had a very bad attitude. I hate that I actually left her a tip. Just thought that I would take the high road.

I don\'t get my nails done anymore. For years I never went a day without polish. Now I don\'t care. I cut my nails short and I like it better. But I could never go without a pedicure for the summer. Having polish on all the time is not that good. I love to have my toe nails breath during the winter. :-)

Hope your friend had a wonderful day with her mani/pedi. That was very nice of you to take her.

With all the great meals you talk about....I still think of how much I love Ramen noodles especially with an egg dropped in. Yum.

lol. carly, i just gave about ten packs of ramen to c because i don\'t eat it at all. don\'t remember why, but its not good for digestion.

you can always use CLEAR polish, a good one, like opi or nailtiques, i do that when not getting them done. and same with me. i had acrylics MANY YEARS ago, and then i had tips and wraps because that was big in nyc, first silk tips and wraps and then linen tips and wraps. beautiful and about the same. then natural nails, which is NORMAL manicure (which i actually like better) and then all of a sudden i realized in the passed five years, not doing much except for clear. no idea why. could be fashion changed. i know long nails are out for over 25 years, but i think its because of women and careers and princess diana started the short nails with bright polish and it looked great on her so everyone did the same.

i went two times for a cut recently. once i let the gift certificate expire and the other time the number was wrong, so i drove over and she was out. that was today actually.

larissa, that is really nice that you give your hair to locks of love. they need it.