Had my 6 mo. checkup today

Doc is very pleased with my progress and said all my vitamin levels were perfect. 
My cholesterol is down to 153 from like 227 last August! 
HDL-Cholesterol (good cholesterol) went from 40 to 61.  
Triglycerides went from 322 to 86.. not sure what that means but lower is better, I hear. 
I go back in another 6 months to have everything checked again.
Still battling with the 199/200 mark.  When I weighed at the doc this morning I was at 203 fully clothed, after having breakfast and 32oz of fluids.  I count my 'true' weight as first thing in the morning, naked, before I shower and after I pee and/or BM.  This morning that was 200.  So I'm still fighting the good fight.
On the other hand, I feel great, people tell me all the time how amazing I'm looking, and I have SO much energy.  I feel like a kid again! 



Wow! You are doing great.