Had blood drawn.....

......and now I have to wait until 5PM to pick up the results.!!!! It's going to be a very long day...last time they were available at 2PM....!!!!!
I spoke to my GP at length this morning. She is aware of my two previous losses so took the liberty to give me a prescription for an US - normally the 12 week US wouldn't be for another 8 weeks. However, because I have had previous losses, she suggested going around week 7-8 if I want the reassurance that everything is where it should be and progressing nicely. She also advised me NOT to go earlier than 7 weeks as they may not detect a HB or see anything before that and could just add to the anxiety.Is this right? Would 6 weeks be too early? In any case, I tend to agree with her on that one. I don't know what I'd do if I went in there and they found nothing. I'd also like to schedule the first US with my gyne (if she's back from maternity leave). I want it to be with her. I feel it would be wrong to simply go to an radiology lab and have it done by some anonymous technician who from experience, tend to be the most tactless people on earth
So here's what I'm thinking. I'll take her advice. My gyne probably won't want to see me before week 8 anyway but I can make an appointment with week 7.5. That's "only" 3.5 weeks away. Doesn't sound so bad. I think I can cope with that. 
But while I'm doing all this forward planning, at the back of my mind I'm always thinking "this could end today". I'm not sure I'm every going to lose this fear of another loss. I guess I just have to enjoy the moment. It's on my mind all day. I hope this bean sticks!!!!!
Once I get he beta results back, I'll hopefully be a little more reassured. I had my first beta at 5wks with my pregnancy in May so the results won't be the same. But hopefully they will be good. If they are I will tell DH tonight.
My therapist just called me back after I called her Friday morning to tell her that the appointment on Thursday at the hospital had gone pretty badly. At that point, I hadn't done any HPT's yet so I didn't know I was PG. I have to call her back before 1pm and tell her the good news. That's going to be the most enjoyable part of my day. In any case, it will pass the time....eeek!



Yes; it\'s true that if you get an u/s too early there won\'t be enough development visible, & it could scare you unecessarily. I had my u/s at 8 weeks, & saw the baby & the heartbeat flickering away (though it didn\'t look recognizably like a baby to me!). I loved seeing that little flickering heartbeat! It made me cry from relief. (((HUGS))) to you. You really do deserve this!