Had A scare

The other day when Chase woke up he was running into things like the walls the windows and the door and constanly falling down and im not talking about toddler falls and bumps i asked him what was wrong he said i can't walk. I took him to the ER where he finally came too i guess and was walking normal and not running into things and they did a CAT scan and the dr came back and actually told me that the scan was too "busy" to see if any new issues he wrote me a script to go get a MRI . Ive decided to take Chase to beaumont where all his surgeries have been done and they have a childrens hospital within them instead of the dinky hospital around here where they couldnt even read his CAT scan. Im not Dr but i could have told them it was going to be "busy" duh he had a brain injury. Beaumont can't get him in till thurday hes been acting normal since and it makes me nervous im praying that theres nothing new going on and this was just some silly behavoir. Fingers crossed please!