Had a Busy Day Today but, Enjoyed it

I went to breakfast this morning, came home and cleaned my waterfall outside.  I filled it and got it running for the summer.  I then rode my Harley to a county hospital and did a piano concert for the Long Term Care patients.  I then came home, posted my weekly message on ChristianChurch24/7 Group, here on DS then, I went I drove about 50 miles and attended one of my grand-daughter's 8th grade graduation.
She was on High Honor roll all year and had perfect attendance.  There were 114 graduating students in her class and 45% of them had a 4.0 grade average or better. I was very proud of her.  My oldest son and my ex were there.  She spoke but, that was all.
Overall it was a great day,


Community LeaderSunCloudJD

Glad you had a good day.. Im tired reading about it haha.. x