Realised today that God gets a lot of mail and sometimes it takes Him a while to answer.This place is definitely the answer to my prayers.It's Simply the BEST.Sun, view set in a park with 14 other blocks magnificent trees right friendly neighbours.Thank You God- love Dinah Met an interesting portrait painter on Queen St going home after work.He did a dam good likeness, but tactlessly told me he'd whacked 10 years off me!Gee thanx! Maybe I need more sleep Im still all nighting. Turned out he was staying in Freeman's Bay Park too.WOW.Only trub I dont want a full on relationship even if he did have a Rolex (and lost it-attached a tale but I didnt get it all as his Eng not perfect) [i can give him conversational lessons maybe...] and even if he was cute to look at- other trub he's chinese and from my brief experienceof sex with a Chinese gentleman....well "Too Big" did not spring to mind. He was nice and calm, which is a quality I appreciAte...we'll see.Name of Johnny- a name I like Frankie and Johnny, Johnny Depp, Johnny Sommerville  Again Thank You GOD.and thanx to anyone whos taken the time to read this. I send you all my best wishes....just be careful what you wish for???!!!!