Gyno update

Hi Everyone :)
So I had my appointment at 6pm...he was worried and conerned. As I walked in I saw him reading info on me I assume was from my GP before folding it and placing it in my file. I talked to him about whats been going on and he just shook his head. He honestly seemed concerned even Jase said so (partner). He said he has never heard or seen of endo coming back so quicly after excision (in July) and finds it hard to believe it could be back. He said he wants to start looking into associated things and finding out if anything else is going on. So I have to have a colonoscopy asap. Then I go back to him and we try work out another plan of attack.  He was so compassionate, saying a my age I shouldn't be having to deal with all this and all this uncertainity especially having delt with it so long. He put on a confident front, that he would work with me to find out what's going on. He knew I was upset, my face was red from crying beforehand. I'm so worried I wont get any better :(  Im glad, and hopeful, he is the first doctor to not give up on me...who wants more than my money, who wants me to get better. Im really happy with him.
I'll keep you updated!