GYN appt was today....

I had my gyn appt today.  It wasn't a routine exam but mostly talk about the tamoxifin and other contraceptives.  She told me that I cannot continue with the contraceptive pill and would have to look at other options.  Before surgery, we talked about the IUD and gave me info to read and we talk about it after radiation.  Today was the day.  I was kinda worried about the effects of that.  She reassured me that with the Tamoxifil and the IUD it would work together to fight the cancer and the risks.  I told her I would think about it alittle more, since she reassured me that it is a good thing for me.  She said I was a good candidate for it. 
My mother was on it 30 years ago, I think it was the copper IUD and she had so many problems with it.  I probably shouldn't take her advice since its been 30 years ago.  Things have its way of improving. 
I also belong to WebMD, breast cancer support board.  I put a poll on there, please if you get the chance go on there and take my poll.  I hope to get some other feed back as to whether I should do this or not.  I can't make up my mind.  I work for a hospital nursing education department (I am an Admin Assist) and one of my nurse educators has been researching articles for me on the IUD (she's too funny...she is my little researcher, give a topic and Renee will take care of me!  LOL!!).  I need to decide this by the end of next week so the nurse practitioner at my GYN office can order this for me.  Its the Miridia IUD, not the copper one.    I know its safe.  Just the thought of something like that up there and "what if" something goes wrong (it gets lodged or I hemmorrhage from it).  I know I shouldn't worry about it too much. 
PKD - Good news!  My blood pressure went down to 120/70.  Its been huvering at 131/94 lately.  I am so excited.  Hope this stays when I see the MD at the end of the month.  I cut back on the diet pepsi (probably drank about 3 in the past 2 weeks).  I have also brought my lunch into work.  The hospital food is really greasy and fatty.  Not good for anyone with any disease (or healthy people..LOL!!).  My weight is still 186 (size 16) but I am sure in due time I will lose more.  As long as I stay away from the diet pepsi and junk.  We will see what happens.



I think you will know what is best for you but love that your reaching out to people for help and input about the IUD.

I have a cheat day where I allow myself take out one night a week and have discovered even then I am ordering far better choices in meals! Keep up the good work.