Guess who (What) came to dinner?

       You won't beleve it not in a mill'n years.  I'm not sure I do and I was here and got pictures to prove it.
  Plan a BBQ for the family. Should be an easy thing.   I don't have to do much.  Just plan a menu (Sometimes).  Get out some hamburger meat.  Tell which kid to bring what food.  And Kazaaam we have a  BBQ. There are only 16 of us, Opps, I forgot Cassie had to work so that is only 15.  Plus 4 cats, Thatcher was at the Groomers with Cassie.  No, No, Cassie doesn't get her hair done at the groomers she washes dogs there and is taking classes from Anna (the groomer) so she, Cassie not Anna, can become a groomer. I regress  (Actully I sound like 8 year old Lynda. She can tell you in 8 paragraphs + that she got her pencil sharped and the whole process from how she walked to the sharpener and then stuck the pencil in, well, you get the picture.)
   Got a phone call from #1 son's wife. ( could have done with out that)  "What can I bring" ( they were not planning to come) Oh well, at least I'll get to see the kids.
    Phone call from # 2 son.  Wait, What?  You want to bring a guest?  Ok. Really!!!!?????  Wait, What?  Are you sure? ok.  Where are they gonna be?  Ok.  Will they be ok there.  Your sure? O.k, why not the kids will get a kick out of it.
   Phone call from Grandson (11 year old Isaiah)  "Can I bring Temperance?"  This his his pup.   "Uh, Zaiah, not this time,  Uncle Allen is bringing a guest and I'm not sure said guest will like puppies."  "What about Thatcher?"  "He's at the groomers, Sweetie.  It will be ok.   Maybe next time you can bring Temperance."  *Note to Reader* Oh, by the way.  Temperence is not!
  Everone arrives, some leave to the store and come back.  We never manage to get everything here without at least ONE trip to the store.   Visit, eat.  Pretty much a normal BBq.  Kids running, screaming, bored.  I'm sure you have been there at one point or another.  Everyone got full. (Except Noah---He won't eat at my house if his mom is around,  But, boy, will he chow down when she isn't)  Had Chocolate Cake.  Everyone went home.  Grandpa and Grandma chill out.  Nice day all around.
Huummmm, I feel like I have forgotten something.  What can it be?  Oh wait, I didn't tell you who (what) came to dinner.  My Granddaughter (Drew) is in 4 H she has a Nanny Goat.  Her Nannt Goat had a Kid about 36 hours before.  They brought both Momma and Baby to the BBQ.  She is really cute and SSSSMELLY.  As soon as I figure out how again I will put her picture in my photos.
Love 'n hugs,
Elsie (And I'm smilin')



sounds like the highlight of the cookout! lol good time to remember.

Wow.....are you sure this BBQ wasn\'t at my house...this sure sounds like MY family.....minus the goats. Maybve Noah can go in the house to eat...anywhere to be away from his \'Mom\'....does she even deserve this title????

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