guess life = good,,

don't write as much as i used 2,,,but still cherish,,, many friendships i've made here on DS.... still hot here in okieville,, & the County fair started yesterday,, aka,, junk food,, out the ass,,, lol,,& cooking burgers,, @ the Church booth,, new lady friend,, & we've been seeing some new sights,,, still active with disablity concerns,, as i serve on a cpl...,, of State Boards,,, son Dewey,, = @ Oklahoma State U,,, go POKES,, going down 2 C him 2day,,, & if God lets me????,,, i'll be 52,, on 10-10-10  this yer,,woophe,,,  just wish i could remember,, what i did last week,, suffering from CRAFT,, can't remember a F---ing Thing,,, enjoy,,,, Dale n Okie dookie


deleted_user much said in one short paragraph..I should take lessons from you..I write TOO
Well it sounds like things are good and I\'m so happy for you!! It is nice to know you are doing well..I wanna go to the country fair too!!