Growing up and Growing out

Wow, so many things have happened these last few months. I am growing up and growing out. I am working now, I am a door to door sales woman. lol im one of those people you hate showing up at your door selling you magazines and books. Just think of this next time we knock on your door. We are out here making money the only way we can. We love what we do and we hate it when you guys yell at us or slam your doors in our faces. Were people just like you.
 My daughter is one and a half now.... she is getting soooo big.... she is also up for adoption. My parents are adopting her and the adoption process is almost over. Also the paternity test got done and it was proven that daniel is the father. just like all of us thought. He is involved now and he loves her! he is amazing! Im proud of daniel right now. Oh and that stuff with mason? completely over! he cheated on me over and over again with his ex girl friend. She is pregnant again and she got pregnant when me and mason were still together. Im ok tho.
Since I got this job as a traveling salesman, I have been forced to be a person who is confident and sure of my self. Some times i get down on my self but im doing WAY better now! I am sorry for going on and on but hey i needed to get some stuff out!