Grey Days

Well seems as tho.. this whole month of Jan. has been grey and snowy.. kinda depressin.
I'm sleepin my life away... no getty up .. no go...No wonder i'm such a mess...
I'm tryin.. it's like slidding down a muddy steep hill graspin at anything to slow or stop ... always looking for a place to get a good footing...
sometimes it feels like the weight of my whole life upon my shoulders...gosh I'm tired...
I long for yesteryear...when a man could find a job...gas was less than a dollar a gallon...25 cent loaf of bread...wavin the American Flag meant Something....!
I fear for the Children.. and grandchildren.. the kind of world that has been Created for themĀ  by Greedy hands..
Grey days.. grey days...bleak and dreary....
I've gotten old.. I've gotten weary..
carry on carry on....
one day at a time...
untill I'm free of this prison of Mind...
dang I better write that one Down.. hahaha
laters.. best wishes and many blessings



I know these feelings my friend. This is a new year. Since we can\'t go back we will burn a new trail into the future. The only life I know is getting knocked down but victory sure is sweet getting back up. Plan something special for the spring. Maybe make some more lovely lawn chairs and patio furniture to sell. I would love to have you make me a set of chairs and a yard bench. People really like that of stuff great exercise too. :)
I\'m with you in my thoughts and prayers.

yea winter has been harsh here allso , to cold to want to do anyhing and stuck in the house all the time.right now I am in frount of a space heater. to stay extra warm as I play games on face book. do you go on facebook?
with out my farm games and island , ect games I would go crazy.. hang in there, ann


thanks ..