Green Monday... and it IS Monday!

SO much to be thankful for. At least 20 beautiful things: 
1. The heat wave is over. 100 is so hot for Maine! Sympathy for those of you in constantly hot places. (I lived in Phoenix 84-87... I remember the sizzle!)
2. For raspberries -- picked at my brother's house. What gifts! 
3. For enough time to weed gardens, which I actually like once I'm in the groove. I weeded the borders at church yesterday, and it was so meditative and peaceful. Two hours went zooming by.
4. For you all, for being so compassionate about Amy Winehouse. Colleen described her first reaction of judgement (me too) and then deep regret and sorrow (me too). I agree with you all that addiction is not a lifestyle choice. I SHOULD know this with every bone in my body, I appreciate the reminder, and I am sad for her loved ones. 
5. For rain... tonight... all night.... on my garden and everyone's vegetables. Right now I have a bumper crop of sugar snaps and swiss chard. Tomatoes: SOON!!! : )
6. Also tonight, the last of my 16 classes on Adobe InDesign (graphic design program). Yay, I'll have Monday nights free again! AND I know how to do that work now. 
7. For dinner out last night with my husband, his son Ben and my son Byron. We went to a special beer place and tried some amazing ales, even a smoked dark ale! (Think bacon and beer together.) 
8. For my sweet husband who always says, "Don't sweat the little stuff," and by that he means expenses like last night. He's also always trying to be a better person... it's something we bring out in each other. I can't say I do my push-ups etc every night the way he does but I do sometimes! (He calls them 'nip-ups' which I think is adorable but don't tell him I said that.) 
9. For my mum and dad who are so much fun and so generous and kind and plucky and brave. For all they feel for me. So grateful to live near each other. 
10. For the little book I made from the Scotland trip, with pictures of our little owl set to the lines of e.e.cummings poem "i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)". It is just one of a thousand ways I intend to honor Andy and his soul. (Do you know if I can make a Shutterfly website that you all can visit and look at it, book format? I'll check...)
11. For time at the beach last Saturday with my friend Anne... ALL DAY. I ran, I read, I snoozed... 
12. For the comfort I feel saying Andy's name... ALL THE TIME. For everyone who seems fine with that. For knowing he is not in pain or fear or feeling bad about things, and never will, again.
13. For knowing I will be with all brothers and sister and parents this coming weekend... my mum's 83rd birthday. (Wow!) She says, "hot dogs and ice cream!" OK!
14. For my health -- that I can run 5 miles and feel great. That I can sleep and wake up refreshed and bouncy again. 
15. For Tuesday and Thursday this week, on which I'm NOT going to work.
16. For my Heidi Bun Bun... who will be up soon. So glad she wrote last night to say that she'd noticed we bought the ticket for the wrong weekend. D'OH!!! But there is time to fix it.
17. For the book 'Zeitoun'... anyone read it? Yipes it's making me anxious but so much more deeply in touch with the reality of being in NOLA during Katrina. I have visited since, and worked on rebuilding projects there... the terror of the experience from one man's perspective as the water was rising however is eye-opening. 
18. For my doggies. What wondrous love is this! They are the best buddies.
19. For all the flowers blooming. So many colors. Andy would love this day. It's a sparkler. 
20. For my job..... er....... I think I'd better zoom back there right now! Luckily it's only 1/2 mile away from my home. I love love love being home at lunchtime. It really gives me time to reflect, to be grateful, to be centered, almost every day. 
Hugs all around ~ and I love you Andy.Sarah