Green Friday

I have been in a complete swirly whirl with getting Drew's house ready for the market, and catching up at work. So this is just a little kiss-and-run to say hi, I'm fine, how are you, see you soon! 
I'm really happy to say that since July 1 I have been on the straight and narrow path and since getting home on the 28th have dropped 7 lbs. Wow, feels sooo much better in my clothes!
And last night Byron and Caitlin (son and future DIL) came over for dinner and it had been so long... they looked great, we made pizza on the grill, we looked at the photos of Scotland, and I told them about the little ritual with Andy's ashes in the morning each day there.
I didn't tell them, and I'll just mention it here, (and come back later with more thoughts) that I feel quite different than I did before the trip. The sorrow is no less that Andy is gone, that he doesn't get this life to live, that we have this hole in our lives. But the grief has gone to a different place inside me. It's many miles inside. Not on my skin, not in my aura. I am sure there will be times when it surges and leaps like flames to feel so cruel and viciously painful. RIght now it is gentle and deep... a river.
AND last night I had Andy with me in a dream. Just a quick hello, a big hug, a smile. There was another one I told you about and another since then when he was a little boy in a hospital that was sad, and then this one, very very good.
OK gotta run. Hope you're well, and I think I'll have more time for catching up with me dearies after this house thing is behind us. Whew!!!
Peace and gratitude