Great Guide To Choosing Good and Quality Antique Furniture


Antique furniture is until now the first choice when making home furnishings, and mahogany is the second choice. Antique furniture or teak wood furniture is still widely used to complete home needs. The furniture itself is mostly made of teak and mahogany wood.

Here's How to Choose Quality Antique Furniture:


Avoid Teak Antique Furniture that is Cocoh

Cocoh is small holes found in teak wood, cocoh occurs because teak wood is made by small insects that cause powder to occur in the teak wood. The characteristic of furniture that is affected by cocoh is the presence of small holes in the teak wood so that the antique furniture is fragile inside. Furniture that uses cocoa wood usually does not last long. For this reason, avoid buying antique teak wood furniture, which has cocoh and wooden bricks. as much as possible, choose antique teak furniture with wood that is free of cocoh.

Choose according to taste

In general, antique teak furniture is in the form of carvings. This is a traditional teak style. In fact, most of those who buy it will choose a carving model. But now, antique teak furniture has changed a lot and has begun to feature contemporary, classic, colonial and fashion combinations. Some are minimalist and also those that are modified with various materials such as fabrics and leather. All of this is done in order to meet the various tastes of customers.

Don't be fooled by the Price


If antique furniture is offered at low prices, avoid choosing board joints in a wide area. Usually when the seasons change, the joints will leave a wide gaping line. This is further exacerbated by the cracked putty marks. Is it still better if you choose furniture? Without connections? or in other words, the craftsman or antique furniture shop deliberately only aligns the plank area by giving the necessary distance to avoid the effect of wood shrinking. What is more important is to try to buy antique furniture at the furniture store that you trust. If the reputation of this furniture shop is good, of course the owner will not risk himself getting complaints from his customers  Investigate this weblink for fruitful information vintage furniture now.

Pay attention to finishing

If the antique furniture product will be used by babies or children, make sure that the finishing uses anti-toxic (poison), namely with an anti-toxic water-based finishing material. Hopefully these tips for choosing good and quality antique furniture are useful for you.