Gratitude List 20 things today

20.  Things I am grateful for today.
1.)  My Counselor's services.  Gretchen
2.)  12 step meetings
3.)  A job
4.)  My car
5.)  Friends
6.)  An opportunity filled career
7.)  Being able to contribute back to the community through food service work.
8.)  My sponsor, and the ability to recover through the 12 steps.
9.)  My work who seems to not trash me for being irresponsible at times.
10.) My playstation 3, WII, handheld games.
11.)  My Bike and ability to enjoy the ride
12.)  Dailystrength for letting me write stuff on here.
13.)  Friends that don't run away when shit hits the fan. 
14.)  Record albums and a record player.
15.)  An ability to start over again
16.)  Google and all it's cool capabilities
17.)  Heat in my house to keep me warm
18.)  Tabitha who loves me, my kitty
19.)  My Family whom I have trouble with but seems to love me anyway.
20.)  My freedom, my ability to be responsible and make decent choices most of the time.