over the last 2 days, i have been brought some really wonderful lessons.
im sitting here today after a 2 day conversation with a close friend...  we have been blessed enough to have the same teacher/guide to lead us through our pain and healing.
i will be eternally grateful..... not just to john (my guide) but also to all of the pain that has transpired, for it has brought to where i am today.
and im grateful for that perfection here...but happy....inner happy...even with all of the crap going on around me..which is just 'stuff'
i remember one time when john was working me really hard.   he said to write my blessing and my curse with certain people.
we wrote the letters and a few days later read them aloud.
my curse WAS my BLESSING
i broke free by letting go of the blame shame and pain
i can look at my ex and say ;THANK YOU!! for without him, i wasnt able to walk the path i was meant to walk
when you let go of the pain and FREE yourself
thats when the true healing begins
now its about letting go and trusting in the universe/god/creator whatever you want to call it
i see so many struggling and it saddens me...BUT
there is a choice in being the victim or the survivor
which will you choose?
it doesnt come overnight....
im just sitting here realizing how honored
and lucky
and grateful
and blessed 
I am 
to have the guides and teachers I DO
they say when the student is ready...the teacher will appear.
i still have some learning to do...and will always have lessons until the day i leave this earth and who knows what they may bring
but i do know...
that i am a survivor
that i will never stay stuck again
that i will never be victim again
and see the world with fresh eyes



I got the book you recommended....and she says, everyone you meet is a teacher. So....our ex\'s were teachers. But I too, found some really insightful teachers when I was ready to learn what they have to teach. Love this journal...The book is remarkable, btw. Very insightful. You\'re a wonderful teacher.....:-)