Grandchild had a seizure!

My daughter's oldest child had a seizure yesterday! She's only 4yrs old and it's her third one!  She will now be on meds for it.   My daughter said the Dr. assured her that the  seizure meds for kids today is way better than they use to be.  But what I want to know is why she had the seizure in the first place!  My granddaughter's father had seizures during his childhood too!   I looked up seizures and found that a vitamin deficiency is one of the causes in young children.   And right now my daughter is living in a homeless shelter where she isn't allowed to cook meals for her and her two girls.  She could be staying at her father's but says she needs to stay there a little longer until she can get all her affairs in order.  She is waiting to start college and also wants help in getting a divorce.  It is killing me that I can't help her!  All I can do is pray they will be ok until she moves in a better place.