Gotta keep going

I've got to keep this up! I have to keep building myself up and finding good things about me in every situation. For example, right now I am getting no responses from any videogame companies or girls. Perhaps that just means that they are not meant for me and I'm meant for something better. I'm going to continue to think in this manner.
The Detroit Institute of Art was very cool yesterday. I am very into history so it was fun to check out all of the ancient stuff. I also liked the Japanese drum show that they had going on outside. I enjoyed the whole experience and hope to go back soon.
I got paid yesterday and I have been thinking about how I am going to use my money for the next two weeks. I have already had breakfast with one of my friends today which was like 5 dollars. I have to be careful of how I spend the rest of it because I'm not going back to using my card for everything.
On a lighter note, I feel as though my lineup in Pokemon Saphire Version is one of the best ever assembled and could best my friends in combat. Our big battle should be in a few weeks and I have no doubt that I will emerge victorious once if not more than that.