Got Robbed..

Well Journal,
    It looks like the economy has hit me totally....monday i brought stbx truck in for a radiator leak,when i got in truck i noticed glove box was opened and cds thrown around,i didnt think anything of it at the time thought H forgot his license and just rushed thru truck to find it,so i put every thing back,and went on my way......H has today off and he went to look for his mp3 player in truck... that is missing,along with speakers,and our GPS UNIT,turns out we were robbed sunday night.....Am I upset yes,but more mad at H then anything, i kept telling him to bring those items in the house especially GPS,plus he always forgets to lock the damn truck,so yes i blame him totally and the people that robbed us.......its all ready 90 degrees at 9am....this will not be a good day........
Stay Cool